Moist Russian Honey Desserts to Fill Up Your Romantic Dinner

Are you among those who like honey and all dishes that contain honey? I think there are many of you who really like dishes that have honey ingredients in them. Honey will certainly provide its own sweet taste in dishes that are made. That special sweet taste is what people really like.

There are some people who prefer to replace sugar with honey to be mixed in the dishes they make. Especially for desserts. Honey added to the dessert that we taste will certainly have a special sweet taste that is different from the sweet taste provided by sugar.

In Russia, there are several types of desserts that are made with the addition of honey in the ingredients to make these desserts. Do you already know about this dessert? I think there are still many of you who don’t know Russian honey desserts. For that, let’s look at moist Russian honey desserts to fill up your romantic dinner.

Many people like to consume desserts were sweet and moist when it goes into the mouth. Sweet desserts are usually made from a mixture of chocolate, sugar, condensed milk to honey. This sweet dessert that we can enjoy anytime, including while having a romantic dinner.

When we are having or having a romantic dinner surely, we will try to impress our lovers, right? Whether with the atmosphere and where the romantic dinner was held to the dishes that we serve at the romantic dinner. One thing we can do when having a romantic dinner is to serve a sweet dessert using honey that feels moist when tasted.

In Russia, you can find a dessert that comes from honey sweetness. In addition, it will feel moist and melt in your mouth when you try it. Do you know what kind of dessert that is?

Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about it. And you could be curious and wonder about this moist Russian honey dessert, right? Therefore, this article will discuss about the moist Russian honey desserts to fill up your romantic dinner.

  • Russian Honey Cake (Medovik Cake)

When talking about the typical Russian desserts that use honey, of Russian Honey Cake will be the top answer. Russian Honey Cake or also known as Medovik Cake is a layered cake that has honey as its basic ingredient. This is a cake that has existed since before the Soviet times.

Russian Honey Cake has at least 5 cake layers. The number of layers of this cake can reach 15 layers. In each layer there is a sweet and sour cream to balance the sweet taste produced by the honey mixture in the dough cake.

  • Russian Honey Blini

Blini is a pancake that comes from Russia and Ukraine. It has also become part of the tradition in Russia at certain celebrations. Blini is slightly different from pancakes in general because it has a different thickness and a different diameter size from pancakes in general.

To be able to enjoy Blini, you can mix various types of toppings according to what you want. Including mixing honey on a warm Blini. If according to some people Blini is not suitable to eat at dinner, in fact this dessert you can enjoy anytime.

  • Russian Pryaniki (Russian Honey Spice Cookies)

Pryaniki or some who recognize it with Pryanik is a popular cake from Russia. Pryaniki is made from flour, honey and some spice mixture. It is a kind of delicious spice cake and is suitable to be served with tea. It will suit you to enjoy together with your lover when having a romantic dinner.

Some mention and interpret Pryaniki as gingerbread. In fact, the ginger used in Pryaniki dough is a choice. So, it can be added and it may not. This sweet cake can be found in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and several countries around the country.

  • Russian Chak-Chak

Russian Chak-chak is a sweet snack that you can find in Russia even though the recipe for making it comes from Turkey. It includes traditional dishes there. The recipe for making Russian Chak-chak has not changed long ago, that is from an adoanan that has been formed, then after being fried it is dipped in hot honey sauce on top. You have to wait for the honey sauce to harden before enjoying it.

Variants of Russian Chak-chak are diverse. Some are given extra nuts, dried fruits and some are plain. It is a sweet snack shaped like balls.

  • Russian Honey Smetannik

Russian Smetannik is a famous dessert in Russia. This is a Russian cake that has many layers with the addition of sour cream. It can consist of 4 to 6 layers of cake. Russian Smetannik is a moist cake that is suitable for dessert on your romantic dinner.

Russian Smetannik also contains the sweet taste of honey in the ingredients for making the cake. Even so, the sweet taste of this cake is not too sweet. You can enjoy this sweet cake along with sour cream and chocolate in the more modern Russian Smetannik version.

  • Russian Pastila

Russian Pastila is a sweet snack from Russia made from fruits, egg whites and honey or sugar. That includes the most popular snacks in the country. This Russian Pastila first appeared in Russia in the 16th century.

Russian Pastila is almost similar to sweets but more to the traditional version of sweets. It has a texture that is almost similar to marshmallows but has a strong fruit flavor. Russian Pastila is suitable for tea.

And maybe there are still some of moist Russian honey desserts to fill up your romantic dinner that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about moist Russian honey desserts to fill up your romantic dinner. Do you want to taste and serve one of these Russian honey desserts for your romantic dinner?

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