How To Buy Birthday Cake for the New Comer

Birthday is a very important moment for most people. Especially if you are at a certain age. Many people will choose to celebrate their birthday at that time. What can never be separated from the birthday moment is the birthday cake itself. It doesn’t feel complete if a birthday party is celebrated without a birthday […]

Let’s Try Savarin Recipe For Your Birthday Cake Option

How many birthdays have you celebrated? For every birthday, there should be a special cake to mark the happy occasion. The cake could be a treat for yourself or for your closest confidants too. However, as you celebrate birthday almost every year, there may not be so many cakes you can choose. If you have […]

How to Make Russian Rose Cupcake at Home?

No one would refuse some sweet cupcakes. What’s more if they are Russian cupcakes that are delicately decorated with rose-shaped buttercream frosting on top. Such a mouthwatering feast for the eyes and tongue. Not surprisingly, the cute and pretty cake is popular offering on parties and celebrations. However, do you know that you can make […]

6 New Innovations of Russian Cakes for Your Birthday Party

To most people, birthday is one of the most important days in a year. It’s a good day to get together with family and friends and joy to both ends; the birthday persons and the ones attending their celebrations. Each culture has its own way to mark birthdays, so does Russia. Having been around with […]