All Facts About Uchan-Su Waterfall in Yalta 

Yalta‘s beautiful environment cover numerous marvels of nature. Their fixation per square meter rolls over limit, surpassing all imaginable and unimaginable norms. One of them is magnificent Uchan-Su waterfall situated on the southern slope of the wonderful Ai-Petri Mountain.  Its name implies flying water in Crimean Tatar. It is the most noteworthy waterfall in Crimea and also […]

Enjoy the Unusual View When You Are on the Top of Ai-Petri Mountain in Yalta 

While Yalta and Crimea are a bit too argumentative for an easy-going tourism, it does not mean that there are not miracles to be found among the disturbance. For example, the pinnacle of Ai-Petri where high breezes buffet a bunch of shaky suspension bridges for a good portion of the year.  The most outstanding element is […]

Churchkhela: A Kind of Yalta Caramelized Fruit Juice 

Russians appear to have an innate sweet tooth, and throughout the hundreds of years, they have thought of a wide choice of irresistible treats. One of them is Churchkhela, a kind of Yalta caramelized fruit juice. To give you a little insight, Churchkhela is essentially found in shoreline resorts in the Krasnodar Territory since the […]

7 Things to Do in Yalta During December Vacation 

Numerous travellers associate the captivating Crimean city with the blistering sun, awesome sea shores, pleasant nature, and exceptional architectural landmarks.  These contemplations are totally valid. Yalta is a brilliant city for the individuals who need to unwind in a wonderful and sentimental spot. Yalta is the most prevalent and most acclaimed Crimean resort. It is […]