Hematogen; A Kind of Favorite Multifunction Russian Sweets

Do you include people who like to eat sweet foods? Whether it’s a snack or other types of food. Sweet foods usually have a lot of fans from various backgrounds, both young people to old people. Maybe that includes you and some people around you too.

You need to know, not all sweet foods have no benefits. In other words, there are many types of food that has many benefits even though it has a sweet taste. There is its own purpose why people make food like this.

Sweet foods that have many benefits can also be found in Russia. There is a sweet food that looks like chocolate but multifunctional. This sweet food is called Hematogen. Have you ever known about this food? Maybe because there are still many of you who don’t know it yet, let’s look at Hematogen; a kind of favorite multifunctional Russian sweets.

Many people think that sweet food is just ordinary food. Maybe there are still many people who do not know if sweet foods can also provide other benefits. Especially for health. Usually there is a separate purpose why food that is equivalent to medicine is actually made into sweet food.

This useful sweet food can be found in several countries in the world. These foods may have encountered in other forms, such as beverages and syrups. This food variation is usually deliberately made with the target of certain people. Often children.

In Russia there is also a multifunctional food but still has a sweet taste. So, when eating food, they may not realize the benefits of what is contained in it. Imperceptibly, the benefits of the sweet food that has been absorbed into your body. The sweet food is called Hematogen.

Did you ever know about this Hematogen? For those of you who have tasted this sweet food, what is your first impression? I think, there are still many of you who don’t know about this food called Hematogen. For that reason, this article will discuss about Hematogen; a kind of favorite multifunctional Russian sweets.

  • About Hematogen

Hematogen is actually a nutrition bar that originated in Russia. This can also include chewy snacks with a sweet taste that kids love. This snack is considered cheaper and easier to obtain than candy. There are things you should know before or after trying to taste this Hematogen.

This Hematogen is a snack that has albumin as one of its main ingredients. With just one look, you might not expect this sweet snack made from albumin taken from cow’s blood. You would think if this snack is a regular chocolate snack with a colorful wrapper. It even smells good, that’s why it’s so loved by children and adults.

  • History of Hematogen

The name Hematogen in this sweet food has the meaning “beg for blood”. That’s because this sweet snack has a mixture of albumin in it. Regarding the origin of this snack that has a mixture of blood, local residents of Russia seem to have known. Even children in Russia also know about this Hematogen.

Actually, this Hematogen was discovered in 1890 in Switzerland. Previously, Hematogen was better known as “Gomel’s Hematome”. This snack was used to help the recovery of injured soldiers. Until the Soviet Union began producing their own version of Hematogen in the 1920s and also during World War II. The snack was included in the soldier’s ration.

  • Basic Ingredients to Make Hematogen

This Hematogen has the main ingredient, namely albumin, a protein that is often found in plasma from the blood of bulls and cows. Albumin and this protein have been processed in such a way as to not cause a bad taste in the snack. It will make people of all ages will be happy to eat it.

Hematogens that comply with Soviet standards have additional ingredients namely condensed milk, glucose syrup, vanillin and also sugar. There is also a Hematogen which gets additional vitamins C and B, then nuts, chocolate, and even dried fruit. This is a version that is considered better when compared to ancient Hematogen made from a mixture of cow’s blood and egg yolks.

  • Benefits of Hematogen

This Hematogen snack is a sweet snack that has multifunctionality. This snack is given to children and pregnant women because it is believed to increase iron levels. It also can help the recovery of the wounded soldier. It is also believed to make someone who has a low hemoglobin in order to have a normal hemoglobin.

Lately, many people in Russia are not too sure any more about the health benefits that exist in Hematogen. In fact, the albumin produced is only 5% per bar while the rest is sugar. The doctor also advised to not eat Haematogenous more than two bars per day. You can help increase your iron by consuming red meat.

  • The Place to Buy Hematogen

Previously, this Hematogen can only be purchased at the Pharmacy because that is the only place where this snack is sold. Technically, it is still included in medicinal products and is not just an ordinary snack like candy even though it contains sugar. Nowadays, Hematogen can be found in ordinary stores as a snack that is loved by both children and adults. It has a sweet taste and foreigners who taste it will be surprised to know that the snacks they consume contain blood.

And maybe there are still some of Hematogen; a kind of favorite multifunctional Russian sweets that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about Hematogen; a kind of favorite multifunctional Russian sweets. Are you interested in trying to taste this sweet food from Russia called Hematogen?

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