7 Kinds of Crunchy Russian Sweets to Build Up Your Mood

If you are in a bad mood, what do you usually do? There are lots of things you can do to get your mood back up again to become a good mood. You can just listen to music, take a leisurely walk to the park, sleep, eat or drink something sweet and many other things.

When something that can make your bad mood change is by eating or drinking something sweet, have you ever tried eating sweet snacks from Russia?

For those of you who want to know and be interested in Russian sweets, let’s look at the kinds of crunchy Russian sweets to build up your mood.

When in a bad mood conditions, people will usually be difficult for the concentration of doing things. They will also often angry and ranting of a thing that makes them frustrating. This bad mood will affect our daily activities if we don’t immediately find a solution to build up the mood to become a good mood.

Eating sweet snacks can indeed be used as an option to build up our mood conditions that are bad. Sweet snacks usually contain lots of chocolate and sugar. Sweet snacks are believed to restore the mood for the better.

If you include the people who choose to eat a sweet snack to build up your mood, you should try the sweet snack from Russia. There are lots of Russian sweets that you can taste. One type that is usually chosen is crunchy Russian sweets. It is usually chosen because it can be eaten while doing an activity.

Maybe many of you are still wondering what crunchy Russian sweetness can be an option to rebuild a bad mood to be a good mood. Therefore, in this article we will discuss 7 kinds of crunchy Russian sweets to build up your mood.

  • Russian Chocolate-Covered

One of the Russian sweets you might be able to choose from is plum covered in chocolate. Besides plums, you will also find other variants which are also covered in chocolate. This sweet snack gives you a delicious taste that is very typical of Poland.

The layer of chocolate covering the mature plum will add a crunchy taste when we bite it. Sometimes it also comes with a topping of nuts. This includes traditional sweet snack in Russia and Ukraine.

  • Russian Chocolate and Candy

In addition to sweet treats covered in chocolate, Russian sweets that you can choose is a variety of sweets, both chocolate-coated and sugar-coated and also typical Russian chocolate. You can try to enjoy the legendary Alyonka milk chocolate in Russia. Keep chocolate in the refrigerator in order to feel a little crunchy when bitten.

Or you can also try various types of candies from Russia such as bean paste candy with waffle crumbs, sugar wrapped cranberry candy. Sugar, chocolate, and crumbs that coat the candy will taste crunchy.

  • Khvorost (Angel Wings)

Khvorost or also known as angel wings is one of the Russian sweets that you can try to build up your mood. This is a crunchy traditional pastry. This sweet cake comes from Ancient Rome. However, these snacks are also well-known in Europe and several other regions.

Khvorost is made of dough which is formed into thin winding ribbons. The mixture is then fried and served with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Sugar will add sweetness to crunchy pastries. This will be enough to build up your mood.

  • Ptasie Mleczko

Ptasie mleczko is one of the other types of chocolate covered candy and is typical of Russia which can be your choice. Ptasie mleczko is a milk souffle that is covered with chocolate. This candy is also known as “bird milk”. This is not an actual meaning, but rather an idiom from Greece which means “delicacy that cannot be obtained”.

Ptasie mleczko is one of the chocolate sweets that has exclusive rights to its name and is very well known in Poland. Usually Ptasie mleczko has vanilla, lemon, chocolate or cream flavor.

  • Sushki

Another Russian sweet that you can try to build up your mood that is bad to get better is Sushki. Sushki is a traditional Eastern European bread that has a small ring shape. The bread is sweet and crunchy. Sushki is a suitable snack enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea.

You can buy Sushki on the roadside or on the Russian regional market. If you are in another country, you can get Sushki in a shop that sells typical Russian food.

  • Russian Marmalade Candy

If you really like to eat various types of sweets to build up your mood, maybe you can try the Russian Marmalade candy. Many people mistakenly think that Marmalade is jam. But this is actually more of jelly candy.

This Marmalade candy can also be made from fruit which is covered with lots of sugar. When eaten, this Marmalade candy will taste chewy and sweet but also slightly crispy because of the sugar that covers the surface of the candy.

  • Russian Chak-Chak

There is also crispy and Russian-style dry bread that you can use to build up your bad mood to make it better. This bread is called Chak-chak. This is flat fried bread then poured with sweet honey. Chak-chak is often served with dried fruit and beans.

Chak-chak is not always flat. Sometimes it is shaped like balls. When served in the form of balls, Chak-chak will usually be stacked to resemble a profiterole cake. Chak-chak is a dessert that must be there when holding a celebration.

And maybe there are still some of kinds of crunchy Russian sweets to build up your mood that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out 7 kinds of crunchy Russian sweets to build up your mood.

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