11 Most Favorite Russian Chocolate Candies

Well Known Foods That Were produced in Russia have a distinct savory, sweet or meaty flavor. Iconic dishes such as borschts, mayo-based salads, and endless variations of savory dumplings and pierogies. Other facts that many may not familiar with is that Russian snacks variety based on the mass production of luxury items meant to reach all […]

7 Most Famous Chocolate You Can Find In Russia (Sweeter than Life!)

Who doesn’t love chocolate? You got to raise your hand high and let us take a picture with you. This chocolatey thing along with its creamy texture that melts right away in our mouth is truly irresistible, isn’t it? No matter if it’s with the kick of bitter flavor on the tip of our tongue, […]

7 Legendary Uni Soviet Candies and Sweets that You’ll Love

As trends and technology changes, we can’t deny that it gave differences to culinary worlds. It affects food in a way that might not be that direct, but real. We might can rarely found the candies or sweets that used to accompany us along our childhood. Candies that you usually eat on your elementary school […]

10 Yummy Russian Sweets that You Can’t Miss During Holiday

Sweet foods let you have a good mood. Enjoying sweets is best whenever you’re happy and it’d lift you up when you’re down. Well, there’s something called sugar rush, which proves how sweets can give you a boost of energy and mood. It’s a good food to enjoy along with friends and have a great […]