Sachertorte in Russian Version; What Makes it Different From Vienna?

If you are a a fan of chocolate or someone with sweet tooth, then you surely have heard of the Sachertorte. The decadent cake consists of chocolate sponge cake with a thin layer of apricot jam on top which then being covered in dark chocolate icing all over. To make it even more enticing, traditionally, […]

Full Chocolate Coverage, These Russian Chocolate Cakes Will Make You Melt

According to a report published by leading economic media Bloomberg in October 2018, Russia is the second biggest chocolate confectionery market by volume worldwide. It is just one place below the USA. Even further, the country’s appetite for chocolate is rising four times faster than average global demand. Increasing interest in healthier treats also fail […]

How to Make Classic Russian ‘Ice Cream’: Syrok

Do you know that Russia have some of the world’s most delicious dairy desserts? Variety of cheese, milk, butter, and yoghurt occupy a large part of every Russian grocery store. You cannot even come to a true Russian home without finding a platter of them served for guests. The most popular among Russian dairy products […]

7 Most Favorite Russian Chocolate For Travelers To Bring As Snack Or Souvenirs

The world recognized Russian chocolate as one of easy souvenir to bring home, besides Matryoshka, fur accessories, amber jewelry and other Best Selling Items In Russia. There is a favorite Russian well-recognized chocolate brand that adored by natives and also foreigners. It is a simple souvenir to have a great gastronomic impression after traveling to Russia and bring […]

Bring Back Childhood Nostalgia With Legendary 7 Soviet Candies

Russia Childhood Nostalgia can always refer to Soviet Candies. No matter what is the economic situation, political turbulence, falling regimes, there is always sweet production that continues to thrive. Even some of the famous Most Famous Chocolate In Russia produces a mass production during the worst economic situation. There were no Import sweets in Russia such […]

7 Most Famous Chocolate You Can Find In Russia (Sweeter than Life!)

Who doesn’t love chocolate? You got to raise your hand high and let us take a picture with you. This chocolatey thing along with its creamy texture that melts right away in our mouth is truly irresistible, isn’t it? No matter if it’s with the kick of bitter flavor on the tip of our tongue, […]