What Makes Russian Cupcakes Become One Phenomenal Cake?

Among few American-based foods that manage to successfully satisfy Russian appetite, cupcakes stand on the uppermost of the list. Busy cupcake shops are appearing here and there on the street of Moscow. American restaurants and bakery shop in Moscow are providing cupcakes as unmissable offering on the menu for every season. If those do not […]

7 Famous Soups In Russia And How To Make Them

Russia is one of the coldest inhabited place on earth. Understandably, soup as the world’s ultimate comfort food is a staple in every Russian household. There are various kinds of soups ready to be served in any seasons, usually for lunch. Here is seven of the most famous soups in Russia that you might want […]

3 Most Delicious Russian Recipes For Exquisite Dinners

Russia is also being a destination for the new wedding couple to have their honeymoon. It’s because Russia has all in one package for vacation and make a memorable honeymoon. Beside, this country also has a beautiful culture, beautiful country and of course delicious and various traditional Cuisine. If you are in Russia for honeymoon […]

Here are 7 Delicious Russian Pork Dishes

Russia is a country with rich cuisine. Beside the dairy products, Russia is also known as a country with meat dishes. Russia has several dishes containing meat, from lamb meat to pork meat. For some people who like to eats pork, maybe want to taste the Russian cuisine contains of pork. There are many pork […]