Let’s Try Savarin Recipe For Your Birthday Cake Option

How many birthdays have you celebrated? For every birthday, there should be a special cake to mark the happy occasion. The cake could be a treat for yourself or for your closest confidants too. However, as you celebrate birthday almost every year, there may not be so many cakes you can choose. If you have […]

Do You Want To Taste Something New? Savoiardi Will Be A Good Choice

Snacking is a favorite pastime of many people. Watching television, playing games, reading bestseller novels, or even working in the office are not complete without some snacks on hand. However, sometimes, we would feel bored with ordinary snacks like crisps, biscuits, and chocolate candies that are commonly found in the neighborhood’s grocery stores. In these […]

Wanna Make A Beautiful Cake? Consult These 5 Russian Piping Tips

Seeing the beautiful cakes in the cake shop window will certainly make us want to buy them. The cakes look luxurious and very beautiful because of the decorations on the cake. We would think that only a professional pastry chef who can do the decorating, do not you? Many people think that they cannot make […]

What Makes Russian Muffin Become So Special?

Muffin is a favorite in family kitchens all over the world for three simple reason. First, they can be made quickly and simply without too much fuss. You don’t have to whisk egg perfectly, no need for delicate expertise commonly needed to make other types of cake. Second, they are delicious and suit the palate […]

Sachertorte in Russian Version; What Makes it Different From Vienna?

If you are a a fan of chocolate or someone with sweet tooth, then you surely have heard of the Sachertorte. The decadent cake consists of chocolate sponge cake with a thin layer of apricot jam on top which then being covered in dark chocolate icing all over. To make it even more enticing, traditionally, […]

You Should Consider These 7 Things Before You Make Ganache

Make something creative in the kitchen is often a fun activity. This can also be an activity to fill your free time. You can make a good meal or drink that you have ever made or maybe it’s your first time making it. It gives us a certain satisfaction, is not it? Then, what food […]

10 Most Favorite Dessert in Russian Cuisine You Have to Try

There will always be room for dessert. Such a classic saying that applies to most of us. Well, who wouldn’t be craving for those sweets, dripping chocolate, buttercream, that’s presented in such an eye-catching way? Dessert can both stop you from craving for another foods after finishing a meal and pleasing your taste buds with […]