8 Romantic Places in Moscow to Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day

Planning to go to Russia on Valentine’s Day? Happened to be in Moscow on February 14th? You’ve come to the right places. Moscow is certainly no Paris, the capital of Romance. But fear not, Moscow is still one of the romantic cities in the world. Planning a romantic date is easy here as every corner […]

What Russian Do When Valentine’s Day is Approaching

All over the world, Valentine’s day is celebrated with romantic gestures. After all, it’s indeed the day of love. A typical celebration on valentine’s day would be a dinner date or exchanging presents such as giving chocolate and flower. These kind of activities are what popularized by mainstream media nowadays. But what about in Russia? […]

10 Fun Tips To Do Traveling With Your Russian Spouse

Traveling has become a lifestyle of today. Not necessarily to the same destination and not necessarily traveling with the same people. Most people go traveling with friends, relatives, or even sometimes with people newly known to fellow open trip groups. See also Best Places for Muslim Traveler in Moscow Well, one more that must be […]

Most Effective Ways To Get Russian Boyfriend In a Month

Having a Russian boyfriend is not impossible. If you are a single woman, especially if you are in Russia, try to think about what if you have a Russian boyfriend. Having a Russian boyfriend turns out to be a lot of advantages, especially when you are also living in Russia. He will always be a […]

8 Best Steps of How To Get a Russian Wife

Russia is a country that have many advantages. Besides being a developed country and one of the superpower, it turns out that many want to have a Russian partner. The beauty of Russian women has been famous in the world. In addition to beautiful, Russian women have the nature and attitude of a very pleasant […]

8 Effective Steps of How To Get a Russian Husband

Living in Russia is an interesting one. This great country presents all its advantages. In addition to its vast territory, Russia is one of the most developed countries in the world. But the relationship with the Russians was not easy. Due to a developed country, the attitude of Russians to foreigners is not like the […]

10 Pros of Having Russian Husband (must know!)

Learning the culture of every country in the world has always been interesting. This is because each country has its own culture as identity. Especially if you as an Indonesian who wants to know about Russian culture. Russia is one of the Asian countries, but it is directly adjacent to Europe. The culture and nature […]

6 Most Effective Ways to Get Russian Girlfriend in a Month

If you are a kind of man who are looking for a beautiful Russian woman to date and eventually marry her, you need these information. Why? Because Russian women are different from women in your country. They have different lifestyle and attitude. Moreover, they have different preferences that makes them hard to get. However, you […]

8 Main Reasons to Date a Russian Man

Russian men have a tall and broad look. Because of their visuals, Russian men look more manly and strong. This is one of the attractions of Russian men. Foreign women see Russian men as tall, big, brave and strong – though rough. They do have some shortcomings, but you must believe that their hearts are […]

10 Effective Steps of How To Date Russian Women (Must try!)

The beauty of Russian girls is famous all over the world. However, Russian girls have some uniqueness. You as a man must understand these things if you want to have relationships with Russian women. In recent times, more Russian women have established relationships with men from Indonesia. The number of Russian women married to Indonesian […]