Love Russia and Nature? Visit These 5 Photogenic Russian National Parks

Not only having beautiful historical buildings that are spread all over Saint Petersburg, Russia is also blessed with amazing nature. Given such a vast landmass called home, Russia has diverse conditions of nature from the ever snowy mountain regions to the semi-desert fringing the Caspian Sea. The country’s wildlife is also rich and unique with […]

7 Things Worth To Do in Curonian Spit, Russia

Holidays are activities that must be carried out by every human being at least twice a year. Holidays are very good for reducing stress due to busy life and daily routine. In every corner of the world it must have a unique vacation spot for those interested. Like mountains, beaches, zoos, libraries, malls, or historic […]

7 Breathtaking Facts of Curonian Spit in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia

The beauty of nature bestowed by God on humans is indeed spread throughout the world. Natural beauty is usually very beneficial to the country in various aspects. Like economic aspects and prestige in the eyes of the world. Again and again, Russia has a unique nature that has become a UNESCO world heritage. namely the […]

10 Things You Should Know About Virgin Komi Forests, Russia

Russia is the largest country with all its natural beauty. This is what attracts the interest of foreign tourists and becomes a pride for the Russian people. The beauty of nature in Russia is also well guarded by the government and the local community. So that a lot of Russian landscapes are included in the […]

12 Amazing Facts You Must Know About Putorana Plateau Of Russia

Russia always presents various kinds of very interesting destinations to visit. Such as rivers, national parks or mountains. No wonder, Russia is one of the countries that many people want to visit. And Russia is one country that has a variety of unique landscapes and authenticity. One of them is Putorana Plateau. Putorana Plateau is […]