6 Best Hostels in St.Petersburg, Russia (Excellent Reviews)

peters hostelsPlanning on staying in St. Petersburg? This major transport hub city is the second largest city in Russia. Since it’s a major trade gateway, it is also the centre of financial and industrial in Russia. Enough of various reasons why you should visit St. Petersburg. Mainly, people come here for business or trading matters, but it’s also an excellent choice for vacation.

Strategic spot for business and trade, classic architecture, museums, artistic spot, culinary, and good atmosphere will make you can’t help but visit this beautiful city. Businessman, couple, families, and friends, all should firsthand prepare and book a room. If you’re someone who prefer hostel rather than hotel, then you should be more careful. There are a lots of good hostels, so you should choose the one that match your taste and needs best. That way, you can get the best hostels in St. Petersburg, Russia, that are excellent as for many reviewers.

Best Hostels in St. Petersburg

Choosing a hostel to stay in is a clever choice, especially if you want to go on a trip that’s budget-oriented and want to engage with the culture, the people more. However, of course you wouldn’t want to get the social experience yet feeling uncomfortable because of the poor service or underqualified facilities. Make sure you choose the right one then enjoy it during your trip. Even if you’re not choosing hostel, you’ll definitely need to lookat some guide of best budget hotels in St. Petersburg for tourist. Here are few list of hostels that can go into your consideration :

1. Hostel Whose Suitcase

Location : Nevsky Prospect 87, Tsentralny District, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 190036

Started from : $19

Unique name, excellent rating, strategic location. This hostel is located in the centre of St. Petersburg. You will only have to walk for a minute if you want to go to Moskovkiy Train Station and the Ploshad Vosstaniya Metro Station. Travelling during the chilling winter? Heaters are available to warm you up  in the hostel. If you suddenly crave for foods, a café will be ready to serve you and a kitchen will also be waiting for you to create your masterpiece dish. This hostel is designed to make you feel at home. A review also state that the reception and staff are also nice and always available for guest to reach. The good news is, it’s also affordable.

2. Baby Lemonade Hostel

Location : Inzhenernaya, 7, Tsentralny District, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 191023

Started from : $21

Another good hostel with 0 km distance to the city center in St. Petersburg. Metro is definitely reachable. This hostel consists of 15 rooms that are categorized to several room types. From standard room, classic family room, to dormitory are available to cater to tourist needs. The fresh, simple, yet modern design of the hostel will make you feel comfortable even if you’re not in your own bedroom. Guests also feel that the staffs are friendly and helpful, which is very important during a stay in a place, whether it’s for long time or just a one-night stay. Of course, then, comfy and homey feeling will also treat you right during your holiday. Want to sleep like a baby? Baby Lemonade Hostel could be a great choice.

3. Bigland Hostel

Location : Bolshaya Morskaya Ulitsa 21, apt. 42, Tsentralny district, 191186 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Started from : $44

Ever feel like going nuts while queuing for taking a bath in a hostel ? This hostel wouldn’t let you nag about that, since they have prepared private bathroom in every rooms. This place is also suitable for travelers who are interested in museum and architecture, since it’s only 1.6 km from State Russian Museum. Well, in fact it is almost like surrounded by museums, theatre, cathedral, and others. Just perhaps, you want to check out the facts of the State Hermitage museum in St.Petersburg on your own. Design and art lovers will definitely get to find themselves lost in amusement of the beauty of St. Petersburg.

Although it’s not that cheap, you can find yourself enjoying your stay there. The room design is nice and clean, offering a comfortable atmosphere for you even before you actually step on it.

4. Hostel Chickadee

Location : ulitsa Lomonosova 18, Tsentralny district, 191002 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Started from : $23

This hostel could probably be the best choice for travelers. It’s near to museums, palace, cathedral, buildings with vintage and classic architecture that can please your eyes. The service that this hostel offers is also considered able to cater with your needs. Breakfast, laundry, kettle in room, shared bathroom in the room, and so much more that could make you feel at home. If you don’t want to miss out on the food out of the hostel, you can always find a time and chance to try out the most popular cuisine in Saint Petersburg Russia that will never disappoint you. Some guests think that this hostel is one of the best hostels in St. Petersburg, Russia that they recommend. All aspect from the nice view, strategic area, good facilities and excellent service make people wouldn’t hesitate to come back for the second time.

5. Soul Kitchen Hostel

Location : Naberezhnaya Reki Moiki 62/2 App. 9, Admiralteysky District, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 190000

Started from : $18

No, although it’s called soul kitchen, they definitely don’t cook soul here. This artistic hotel is located in the heart of St. Petersburg. To be exact, it’s on the Moika River Embankment. When you see it at the first glance, you’ll see both modern and classic elements combined from the interior and 19th century brick walls. Kitchen, of course here guests can cook their own meals.  For those who don’t really fancy cooking or simply don’t want to cook during holiday, just walk for 5 minute to reach the cafés and restaurants nearby for some top low budget meals in St.Petersburg, Russia that are also delicious. A living room with MacBooks also lets you to enjoy your stay while doing some work or just surfing the internet. Another aspect of this hostel that attracts and please guests is the artistic design, all over from the bedroom, kitchen, as well as the living room.

6. Coffee Hostel

Location : Ulitsa Razyezzhaya, 1, apt 20 , Tsentralny district, 191002 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Started from : $19

You love coffee so much that you don’t want to detach yourself from it even during your holiday? This hostel will please you with its facilities. In the kitchen, you can find a coffee machine, kettle, and all the dining ware you’ll need for a tea time or coffee time. Although it’s in a kind of old building, it’s still comfortable for you to stay. Another thing is that the hostel is also near from the Metro stop, so you won’t have to worry about travelling to other places or district. So, if you’re a coffee lover who really want to enjoy your coffee everyday of your trip, even making it by yourself, then you should try this hostel out.

Staying in the best hostels in St. Petersburg, Russia will give you the best experience. Nice place, good hostel, will all please you to the level you might even don’t feel like coming back home. Although it’s hostel, not something luxury like a 5 stars hotel, but you can always get a new experience and even feeling socially pleased. However that’s not gonna happen if you choose hostel recklessly and just click on what your eyes could find. For sure we all know that those reviewers are giving good reviews for some reasons. Hopefully those reasons will then be yours as well.

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