Parents will choose these 6 Russian cartoons for their children

It is inevitable that cartoons play a huge part of a child’s growth. Aside from learning through school and bedtime stories, cartoons can be an interesting media for children to learn new things, such as nature, science, friendship, music, and language. As long as parents know which cartoons to let their children watch, and let […]

6 Adorable Cartoons for Children to Learn Russian Language

When is the perfect time for learning Russian? It’s always good to start early, especially since young ages! Teaching children something new is always challenging at first, isn’t it? This fact also applies to learning Russian language. Thankfully, with modern technology, there are many unconventional ways children can learn Russian language without even realizing it! […]

6 Fun Facts of Russian Children’s Day

Children’s Day is celebrated June 1st all around the country and Russia was the first country to keep pace with the WIDF (Women International Democratic Federation)’s resolution on International Children’s Day. As June 1st is approaching each year, Russian children perform indigenous dances to enjoy various festivals and other celebration activities that their schools organize […]

6 Ways to Celebrate Childhood Memories on Children’s Day in Russia

One of the most exhilarating days of the year for a child is Children’s Day. The day is supposed to be presented entirely to children all around the world. It is a day that is special and will give children and their parents good memories through years of fun experiences. However, children are naturally fickle. […]

Activities That Russian Children Do During Holiday

Holidays are a highly anticipated matter for most children around the world, including Russia. Just like other countries, Russia has several days off in a year. Starting from the state day such as the day of victory in Russia, labor day in Russia, to religious holidays. Russia also has a summer holiday so that all […]