11 Awesome Facts about Russian Olivier Salad

When people think about salad, they would usually associate it with healthy diet or a bowl of fruits and vegetables with no carbohydrate or protein in it. But, did you know, the definition of salad is actually a dish of mixed small pieces of food. So, by saying food, salad can contain all sorts of […]

7 Russian Delicacies to Fill Your Jar and Tummy

Other than cafes and restaurants, people usually visit delicatessen or deli when they travel to a new place. A deli is a shop that sells a selection of prepared foods or delicacies. In Russia, a deli is called kulinariya and it usually sells salad, cheeses, breads, meats, pickled vegetables, sweet and savory pastries, smoked and […]

6 Russian Common Dishes for Your Daily Activities

How many meals are there in a day for Russians? Well, three, just like how the rest of the world commonly have them. First, there’s breakfast around seven or eight in the morning before other activities begin; work, school, chores, and more. Russians usually have kasha – buckwheat porridge, butterbrots – sandwich, eggs, tvorog – […]

8 Weird Russian Snacks that Only Made in Russia

When it comes to weird snacks, lots of people will think straight towards countries like Thailand, Vietnam, or China. Few people knew that countries like Russia have their own strange, sometimes mind-boggling snacks. Russia’s huge landmass provides large quantities of food production. Staple crops like wheat, rye, potato, and other fruits and vegetables are abundant, […]

8 Bizarre Russian Food that They Eat on Special Occasions

People around the world have their own unique ways to celebrate special occasions. Gatherings and recreations are the main goals of such events. But, every celebration will not be complete if there are no feasts, because feasts are the heart of every celebration. It brings people together, relatives and strangers alike. In Russia, people celebrate […]