Here Are Female Travel Packing For Summer Holiday in Russia

female travel packingEveryone must have a favorite time to travel. However, summer is the peak of travel in various parts of the world, especially in East Asian and European countries. The reason is because of the ease of access to transportation which is usually disrupted during the winter. In addition, longer daytime means longer playing time too.

Especially in those months, most schools face the school holidays. Naturally, in the summer, many festivals are held to entertain tourists. There are some things like to do in Russia during summer. So, there are female travel packing for summer holiday in Russia

Summer in East Asia is synonymous with very humid and uncomfortable weather. While summer in Europe is cooler, even though sometimes the sun can shine most of the day. There are many destination in Russia that always interesting wether in winter or summer. Prepare your streets carefully to keep them fun. If you are packing, here are some items that you must put in your suitcase or travel bag.

1. Sheet Mask

In addition to the sunscreen that you use everyday, use a sheet mask about once or twice a week. This most wanted product from Korea will maintain the freshness of your skin despite being exposed to sunlight all day. You can find many sheet mask that sell on online or offline shops.

2. Sunglasses

Don’t underestimate this one accessory! Not just for style, but black glasses are very important to protect your view. Know for yourself that the summer sun is very hot. For those of you who want to buy sunglasses, make sure you buy high quality products. Best sunglasses is sunglasses that can withstand the harmful effects of ultraviolet on your eyes. Style is the next priority, but if you can get fashionable sunglasses, why not?

3. Swimsuit

Summer is the best time to visit the beach and swimming pool. Of course you don’t want to risk swimming in the winter and feeling frozen, right? Look for a bikini or swimsuit that suits your body type and is brightly colored. For example.

4. Camera strap

Surely you know, summer is a season where travelers throng tourist spots. If you carry a camera, there’s no harm in wearing a camera strap. Thus, you are safer than the ‘ignorant hand’ who is eyeing your camera while traveling.

5. Drink bottle

Summer does make you even more eager to explore tourist destinations. But, remember to drink enough mineral water to avoid dehydration. Some countries allow you to drink directly from the tap. Other countries provide drinking water taps in public places. So, carrying a tumbler will really help you in meeting the daily needs of drinking water. Don’t forget to enjoy some popular healthy foods in Russia during summer to make you more fresh. Russia also have Russian fresh drinks during Ramadan, but also enjoy during your summer. 

6. Avoid using dark clothes

During holidays in the summer it is better to wear t-shirts and bright colored dormlovers. Why ? because the bright color is difficult to absorb heat. This is different from clothes that are dark like black, dark colors will easily absorb heat. It would be uncomfortable not if we vacation but feel the excitement especially if we are on the beach. In addition, bring clothes that are not complicated and comfortable. Because the summer sun will be hot and many travelers also vacation so choose clothes that are simple, comfortable to wear but still stylish.

7. Slippers

It will be more comfortable if you use flip-flops. Its easy to clean nature makes you not bother and worry dirty when exploring vacation spots.

8. Shoes

If holiday dormlovers in summer it would be nice to just wear shoes or sneakers. This will make you feel comfortable compared to having to wear high heels. You will be more easily tired when using high heels. Just choose a sneaker with canvas fabric or porous skin so it’s quite cool when worn.

9. Perfume

For every girl it looks like perfume is one of the mandatory items wherever they go. Likewise during the summer, you also have to always carry it. When we spend too much time in the sun, our bodies will sweat and have the smell of the sun. So, it’s better to always have perfume in your bag.

10. Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly does have a number of uses that are very good for the skin. Starting from moisturizing the lips, preventing skin blisters, reducing itching on the skin. Preventing skin from dryness is a function that is owned by petroleum jelly. So during the summer it’s better you always carry this multi-function object wherever you go.

11. Wet wipes

Enjoying summer is not exciting if you don’t do outdoor activities. However, it can make our body easily exposed to dust and other impurities. So to always look more fresh, it’s better to bring wet tissue wherever you go. Don’t forget to bring make up remover tissue to clean your face from makeup to make it more practical.

Thats all some things to bring for female travel packing for summer holiday in Russia. Your summer will be more enjoyable if you stay comfortable with yourself while on vacation. Don’t forget to enjoy foods that are popular in Russia during the summer.

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