8 Best Place For Professional Photography in Russia

Russia as the largest country in the world always has something beautiful to attract people to come over and witness their grand country. Besides the wonderful historical destinations, it also provides the comers with natural landscapes, ranging from majestic snow mountains, deepest lake, golden sands, icy tundra and the rivers which pass through the big […]

Facts of Sochi, The Hottest Place In Russia

Sochi is one of the cities which is the most popular tourist destination in Russia. In this place there is a backdrop of snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast. Stretching along 147 km, Sochi Raya is the second longest city in the world. Sochi was hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics and […]

10 Best Places to Spend Fall Vacation in Russia

Sometimes, we want to go someplace with a romantic ambiance with your lover. Many places in another country could offer you romantic places to go. Some of them already well known, let said like France. What people don’t know is, there are many places in Russia that could also offer you with such a romantic […]

10 Best Small Town to Visit in Russia

Russia is growing its popularity as the tourist destination, thanks to FIFA 2018 World Cup Event. Many places that didnt get attention till now is getting more attention than ever. Many tourist and traveler now have a bigger interest travelling to Russia and visiting their many tourist spot, from mountains area to the sea Russia […]

7 Coldest places in Russia that will make you “Brrr, Its freezing!”

Every place have their own uniqueness. From dry – hot city, into the  freezing city even makes your eyelashes freezing. As a big country, Every cities in here are not having same culture and don’t have similar way to live in the city. During annual freeze across everywhere in Russia, the temperature of the weather […]