Can Ganache be used as An Icing for the Mirror Glaze Cake?

Mirror glaze is a spectacular glossy coating of modern cakes and pastries. It is most often used in mousse desserts, but sometimes it covers traditional cakes. The glaze is poured from the top so that the icing flows in beautiful streaks. A few years ago, a Russian cake confectioner named Olga Noskova shook the internet […]

The Story Behind Ganache “Russian Juicy Chocolate”

Among Russian juicy chocolate collection, Ganache holds a special seat for its rich and decadent quality. However, it actually does not originally created in Russia. The word “Ganache” itself is a French term referring to a smooth and velvety mixture of chocolate and cream. Ganache is commonly made by mixing two parts of chocolate and […]

What are the Differences of Ganache from Other Chocolates?

If you are a fan of the chocolate family, then you must have heard of Ganache. The rich chocolate mixture is used as a glaze or drizzle, as well as filling for layering cakes. Ganache can also be eaten as is when you are in need of some comfort snack to lift your mood. Although […]

Things that You Need to Know Before Combining Shokoladnaya and Ganache

All foods related to chocolate are certainly good, right? The sweetness given by chocolate is difficult for us to refuse to eat. All over the world there are lots of processed foods both as appetizers to desserts. From being served hot to being served cold, everything tastes good to eat. Especially if it is a […]

You Should Consider These 7 Things Before You Make Ganache

Make something creative in the kitchen is often a fun activity. This can also be an activity to fill your free time. You can make a good meal or drink that you have ever made or maybe it’s your first time making it. It gives us a certain satisfaction, is not it? Then, what food […]