What are the Differences of Ganache from Other Chocolates?

If you are a fan of the chocolate family, then you must have heard of Ganache. The rich chocolate mixture is used as a glaze or drizzle, as well as filling for layering cakes. Ganache can also be eaten as is when you are in need of some comfort snack to lift your mood. Although […]

Do You Want To Taste Something New? Savoiardi Will Be A Good Choice

Snacking is a favorite pastime of many people. Watching television, playing games, reading bestseller novels, or even working in the office are not complete without some snacks on hand. However, sometimes, we would feel bored with ordinary snacks like crisps, biscuits, and chocolate candies that are commonly found in the neighborhood’s grocery stores. In these […]

You Should Consider These 7 Things Before You Make Ganache

Make something creative in the kitchen is often a fun activity. This can also be an activity to fill your free time. You can make a good meal or drink that you have ever made or maybe it’s your first time making it. It gives us a certain satisfaction, is not it? Then, what food […]

11 Most Favorite Russian Chocolate Candies

Well Known Foods That Were produced in Russia have a distinct savory, sweet or meaty flavor. Iconic dishes such as borschts, mayo-based salads, and endless variations of savory dumplings and pierogies. Other facts that many may not familiar with is that Russian snacks variety based on the mass production of luxury items meant to reach all […]

7 Most Famous Chocolate You Can Find In Russia (Sweeter than Life!)

Who doesn’t love chocolate? You got to raise your hand high and let us take a picture with you. This chocolatey thing along with its creamy texture that melts right away in our mouth is truly irresistible, isn’t it? No matter if it’s with the kick of bitter flavor on the tip of our tongue, […]