Stolichniy Rye; a Russian Bread for Your Quick Breakfast

Stolichniy is one of the most popular varieties of Russian rye bread. It is produced from a mixture of rye-peeled flour and wheat flour of the 1st grade on rye sourdough with the addition of other raw materials. This healthy bread has been around since the Soviet time and close to Russians’ hearts. It is […]

3 Healthy Russian Foods Which Are Made By Fruits

Food is one of human’s basic needs. We need it regularly as the source of our energy and nutrients. But, we can also deny that there are many unhealthy foods that we can find easily everywhere. This kind of food usually tastes good, even better than the healthy ones, and does not cost much. Even […]

Why Do We Find It Hard to Find Russian Food in Packaging Version?

As time goes by, people are getting busier. With limited time, people are going to need to fulfill their needs in the most practical way. Food is one of our basic needs. Everybody wants to be healthy and try to be healthy but, in reality, maintaining our health can be challenging. Cooking for sure is […]

What Makes Russian Muffin Become So Special?

Muffin is a favorite in family kitchens all over the world for three simple reason. First, they can be made quickly and simply without too much fuss. You don’t have to whisk egg perfectly, no need for delicate expertise commonly needed to make other types of cake. Second, they are delicious and suit the palate […]

Only In Russia, Benefit of Drinking Birch Tree Juice

Have you ever heard of Birch Tree Juice? Chances are, you haven’t heard about it if you have never visited Russia. Birch Tree Juice is a well-known traditional beverage only in Russia and its neighboring Baltic countries, although bottled version of Birch Tree Juice (also called Birch Water) have started to gain attention among worldwide […]

5 Russian Buckwheat Dishes for Your Healthy Diet

A nation’s signature dishes have a lot to do with its history and geographic position which then decides what the people can harvest from the nature to be consumed daily. When the Soviet Union still had its strong grip, Russians had to endure war, revolution and famine. They could only dream about fancy dining and […]

8 How to Not Get Sick While Travelling Alone to Russia

When holiday season comes, the beautiful sound of rolling wheel in the airport echoes, oh, just how excited can we be. The most awaited times of the year, which is the time when we can travel and spend our time during holiday just having fun. Getting down on the streets, experiencing culinary and cultural journey […]

Typical Diet Of Russian Woman Do That You Can Copy

Russian food tends to use more vegetables. But with the appropriate spice mixture, the taste of the vegetable will feel unique and certainly delicious. It’s time to forget junk food and switch to food and habits that can help you live a healthy life. If you are or want to diet, try a Russian woman’s […]

Healthiest Staple Foods of Russian Cuisine

Russia is a country that has many special foods. Starting from soup, various processed meats to bread. For carbohydrate staple foods, Russians prefer bread and wheat as energy fillers. Even in Russia, there is a history of why bread is so important in Russia. Beside bread, Russia also has various types of soup. Call it […]