You Should Consider These 7 Things Before You Make Ganache

Make something creative in the kitchen is often a fun activity. This can also be an activity to fill your free time. You can make a good meal or drink that you have ever made or maybe it’s your first time making it. It gives us a certain satisfaction, is not it?

Then, what food or beverage creations do you usually make? Some of you are sometimes more likely to like to cook food or drinks that are easy to make. But some are happy with the new cooking challenges.

Among the types of food or drink that you make, do you ever make Ganache?

If Ganache feels unfamiliar to you, let’s look at Ganache and you should consider these things before you make Ganache.

For those of you who don’t know about Ganache, I will tell you a little information about Ganache.

Ganache is a mixture of chocolate and cream used for stuffing pastries, sauces for cakes, glaze, icing and more. This is a basic component in the pastry. Although it’s a basic component, it can be used for many types of desserts.

When you want to make a food, especially dessert, of course there are some things we must do before making it. This is done so that the dessert that we make can get the best results and of course have a delicious taste. Likewise, when you want to make a Ganache. There are a number of things that you must pay attention to so that the Ganache that you make is in accordance with your expectations.

To provide information for you, therefore, this article will discuss about Ganache and you should consider these 7 things before you make Ganache.

  • The Purpose of The Ganache Is Made

The thing you have to consider is your purpose to make the Ganache. This is important because it will affect the material used and also the treatment in making the Ganache itself. Ganache that will be made as an example for icing or filling the cake certainly has a different treatment with the Ganache used for cake sauce. When the purpose of making your Ganache is clear, you can adjust the material so that the Ganache created can be according to your expectations.

  • The Type of Chocolate That Will Be Used to Make Ganache

Another thing that you must consider before making Ganache is to choose the best ingredients. One of them is when you want to buy chocolate as one of the main ingredients for making Ganache. Use good quality chocolate. Good quality chocolate will produce a Ganache with a good appearance and good taste.

In addition, you also have to determine the chocolate flavor you want for your Ganache. Because, when you want to make a very sweet Ganache or a less sweet Ganache, you have to use a different type of chocolate.

  • The Type of Cream That Will Be Used to Make Ganache

Apart from choosing the right chocolate, one of the important things to consider before making Ganache is choosing the right cream. Cream is also one of the main ingredients in making Ganache. The cream you use will greatly affect the texture and taste of the Ganache that you make.

Usually, the cream used to make Ganache is a heavy cream that has a high fat content. You can choose the type of heavy cream that has about 36 to 40% milk fat.

  • The Ratio of Chocolate and Cream Used to Make Ganache

Another important thing that you should consider before making a Ganache is the ratio of the ingredients used to make it. The ratio referred to here is the ratio of the use of chocolate and cream to get the right Ganache. When you are going to make a chocolate sauce or fill a thick cake, it certainly has a different ratio of chocolate and cream.

The simple ratio that we often find when looking at recipes for making Ganache is the ratio used when using dark chocolate. If you use milk or white chocolate, it will require a slightly different ratio.

  • Temperature When Making Ganache

Temperature is also an important thing that must be considered before you make a Ganache. This will greatly influence the final results of the Ganache that will be made later. So, after you choose the type of Ganache that you want to make, you also have to adjust the temperature of the room where you made the Ganache. Including when you want to cool the Ganache. This is done because it considers the chocolate bar and heavy cream used to make Ganache.

  • Additional Ingredients for Ganache Are Made

If you are getting bored with the Ganache that you usually make, you can start to consider adding ingredients that can give you another taste of your Ganache. Ganache can be added with tea or coffee through the infusion method on hot cream before mixing it with chocolate. Some also add a little fruit to the Ganache recipe to add texture and flavor. So, you can experiment and determine which Ganache is your favorite.

  • The Way and Place to Store Ganache That Has Been Created

Another important thing you must consider next is how you put and store the Ganache that you made. This is important to do so that the Ganache you create stays in the texture that matches the purpose of your Ganache. If you can put and store your Ganache properly and correctly, it can last up to 1 week in the refrigerator. Even though it will be stiffer when it’s cold. The method that can be done to restore the softness of Ganache is to leave it at room temperature or briefly heat it in the microwave.

I hope this article can really help you to find out about Ganache and you should consider these things before you make Ganache. Are you ready to make your own Ganache?

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