Let’s Try Savarin Recipe For Your Birthday Cake Option

How many birthdays have you celebrated? For every birthday, there should be a special cake to mark the happy occasion. The cake could be a treat for yourself or for your closest confidants too. However, as you celebrate birthday almost every year, there may not be so many cakes you can choose. If you have […]

Simple Steps of Learning Russian Cuisine (Suitable For Beginners)

Syrniki, golubtsy and Olivier salads are famous all over the world. So why do not we see places that serve Russian food on the streets, should Asian food restaurants or American burgers? Russian food has a more serious image. Like salads and soups with lots of ingredients and spices, which it seems to be understandable. […]

14 Most Favorite Recipes for Russian People

One of the countries in Europe you must visit is Russia. Russia became the largest country in the world whose area stretches across two continents of Asia and Europe. There is no doubt that Russia has a truly beautiful tourist spot. Such as Moscow Kremlin, Mount Elbrus, Geiser Valley, Winter Palace, Peter and Paul Fortress, […]