Baileys White Russian For Icy Cake Tips

What is the best part when you eat a cake? Many people will answer this question by saying “the cake part”. They love the taste and the texture of the baked cake. For sure, they enjoy it because it goes great with the tea or coffee they are having. Besides that, people also love the […]

All You Need To Know About Russian Mirror Glaze Cake

When you are going on a vacation to Russia, there are several things you cannot miss. For sure, you must visit its remarkable destinations, such as the remains of the Kazan Kremlin and Bauman Street (a shopping street) in Kazan. You also have to visit Saint Petersburg and enjoy a cruise in its Neva River. […]

Sachertorte Vs Prague Cake: Which One Is Hard To Make

Chocolate cake is one of the most popular flavors among cake lovers. You can even get a wide range of chocolate sweet – sweet, semisweet, and bittersweet are just some of them. If you like it to be milkier, you can easily find milk chocolate. Another reason why the chocolate cake is everybody’s favorite is […]

Popular Russian Piping Tips For The Wedding Cake

When we are going to a birthday party or a wedding party, they must serve you with the cake. Either it is a cupcake or a piece wedding cake, you will find that those cakes have decorations on it. These decorations make the cake not only look pretty but also taste better. The decoration of […]

Why Is Moskva Cake A Symbol Of Moscow City

Who does not love cake? This dessert has various kinds of flavor. You can easily find chocolate cakes in many cake or coffee shops where you can enjoy your favorite drinks with sweetness from chocolate cakes. If you prefer to eat the cheese one, you can order some cheesecakes, which is best to serve when […]

Wanna Make A Beautiful Cake? Consult These 5 Russian Piping Tips

Seeing the beautiful cakes in the cake shop window will certainly make us want to buy them. The cakes look luxurious and very beautiful because of the decorations on the cake. We would think that only a professional pastry chef who can do the decorating, do not you? Many people think that they cannot make […]