Wanna Make A Beautiful Cake? Consult These 5 Russian Piping Tips

Seeing the beautiful cakes in the cake shop window will certainly make us want to buy them. The cakes look luxurious and very beautiful because of the decorations on the cake. We would think that only a professional pastry chef who can do the decorating, do not you?

Many people think that they cannot make a cake decoration as beautiful as it is in a cake shop or in an expensive restaurant. They think it took years to make beautiful decorations on the cake. Even though they can use Russian Piping Tips as a cake decorating tool. Are you interested in trying it yourself in your kitchen? Wanna make a beautiful cake? Consult these 5 Russian Piping Tips.

When seeing beautiful decorations on a cake, it will certainly make us interested in buying and eating it. Either garnish a cake using cream and garnish cake using fondant icing. Because it is too beautiful, sometimes we feel cannot bear to eat the cake. That’s because we don’t want to spoil the beautiful decorations that are on the cake.

Pastries that have beautiful decorations on them, we often find when at a cake shop or in an expensive restaurant. The people who make beautiful decorations on the cake that are sold are professional pastry chefs. We will not think that ordinary people can make such cake decorations.

If you do not have a special ability to decorate a cake, you do not need to worry. Currently there are a lot of cake ingredients supply stores that also sell special tools to decorate cakes. One such tool is Russian Piping Tips. But before, did you know about Russian Piping Tips?

For those of you who do not know about Russian Piping Tips, this article will discuss the Russian Piping Tips. And … wanna make beautiful cakes? Consult these 5 Russian Piping Tips.

  • About Russian Piping Tips

There may be some of you who do not know about the Russian Piping Tips. For that, I will explain a little about the Russian Piping Tips.

Russian Piping Tips is a tool used to make decorations on cakes or cupcakes. It is shaped like a pipe with several sizes. At the end of the Russian Piping Tips there are holes in various shapes.

Russian Piping Tips are used to help you decorate cakes or cupcakes even though you have absolutely no decorating skills like a pastry chef. You can decorate your own cake or cupcake with a complicated design or simple design. You can buy Russian Piping Tips at the cake ingredients supply store or you can also buy them online.

  • The Forms of Russian Piping Tips

Russian Piping Tips do not only have one type of pipe. When you buy these piping tips, you can buy them in retail or in a set. This is because the shape of the pipeline on Russian Piping Tips have different sizes. There are short-sized pipes and there are also medium-sized pipes (not too long).

The shape of the hole in the end of the pipe on the Russian Piping Tips also varies. Indeed, the shape of the holes in Russian Piping Tips are many in the form of flowers such as roses, tulips or other types of flowers. But you can also find Russian Piping Tips with holes forming stars and also leaves.

  • How To Use The Russian Piping Tips

If you already see the pipe shape of the Russian Piping Tips, you may already be familiar and not be confused with how to use it. But for those of you who are still confused, here are the steps to using Russian Piping Tips:

  1. Prepare a piping bag and attach the Russian Piping Tips to the end of the bag. Then fill the buttercream in a piping bag. Adjust the buttercream piping bag to fit Russian Piping Tips. Always clean before starting the decoration on the cake or cupcake.
  2. Hold the end of the pipe just above the part you want to decorate. Press the piping bag to fill it out. Shape it as you wish. Repeat the steps to all the parts you want to decorate.
  3. If you want to add leaves to your cake or cupcake decoration, repeat steps 1 and 2. But adjust the shape of the Russian Piping Tips you use with the size you need.

The shape and type of decoration you make can be adjusted to what you like.

  • How to Produce Two or More Colors with Russian Piping Tips

Decorating a cake or cupcake with just one color sometimes looks boring. By using Russian Piping Tips, you can also use two or more colors. There are several techniques that you can use to give two or more colors, the techniques are:

  1. Marbling, lightly mix two buttercream with different colors.
  2. Two tones, make two layers of buttercream with different colors in the piping bag.
  3. Three tones, make three layers of buttercream with different colors in the piping bag.
  4. Striping, put several different colors of buttercream randomly.
  • How To Get The Best Results From Russian Piping Tips

To produce a beautiful decoration using Russian Piping Tips, there are some instructions that you must do. The instructions are:

  1. Use Russian Piping Tips to decorate directly or if not, save the decorations you made correctly.
  2. Use stiff Buttercream Frosting to produce a beautiful shape.
  3. Always make sure the tip of the Russian Piping Tips is clean before you use it to decorate.
  4. Help ornaments that you created so that it sits perfectly on top of the cake or cupcake.

I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about Russian Piping Tips. Wanna make beautiful cakes? Consult these 5 Russian Piping Tips before you start making it.

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