Russian Fairy Tale about Winter Stories and Its Literatures 

The notoriety of Russian writing spreads far and wide. While some people appreciate overwhelming works of art, for example, War and Peace, others may be searching for a progressively accessible gateway into the Russian writing. On the off chance that you have a place with the last classification, you might be interested in Russian literatures […]

Does Russian Take Care of Bear at Home as Their Folklore?

Do you enjoy reading folklore? What kind of folklore do you often read? There are many types of folklore that you can read. In each country has a variety of types of folklore that characterizes the country. Each of these folklores has a character that will become an icon of the story line. This character […]

Do You Like Being Scared? These 6 Russian Folklore Monsters Will Creep You Out

Every culture has its own version of folklore and urban legends. Folklore is the traditional stories, beliefs, and customs of a community passed through the generations commonly by word of mouth. There are many types of folklore that branched into: Ballads; traditional poems or songs that tell stories. Fairy tales; traditional stories intended for children […]

5 Most Popular Russian Folktales to Fill in Your Literary Thirst

Perhaps, folktale is not an unknown story for some of us. Both children and adults can enjoy these folktales. There is at least one folktale title that we have known about since we were children. In fact, you could just have your favorite folktales that you still remember clearly the plot. As we know, every […]

What is Balalaika ? Get to know it’s history

Music is the key of life, some people has this opinion until now. No doubt that we have to listening to music every day. But that’s not about pure music we’re talking about right now. Music is the part of the culture too. Why? Because the music we’re talking about is the music that were […]

Facts of Balalaika as Russian Music Instruments

In the middle 17th century there was a music performer, that always performed at several events, like, weddings, birthday party, etc. The performer called “The Skomorohi“, they were always a big star in any events. But, somehow the authorities never liked them. Because, they thought “The Skomorohi” are performing evil and witchcraft. Even  though, their melody […]

Baba Yaga – The Russian Folktale Witch

Baba Yaga is a Russian folktale character closely associated with the boogeyman, or the forest witch in Western myths. Baba Yaga sometimes appears as one person, and other times triplets bearing similar names, appearance, and personality, with different roles ranging from a fairy tale donor (a character who gives tasks to the hero) to an […]