4 Hidden Things You May Not Know About Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

Swan lake is a ballet that is very famous in Russia and even in the world. Swan Lake has been around for hundreds of years. Of course, as time went on, there were several modifications and innovations made by ballet composers to make the fresh and new swan lake show. However, do you know who […]

5 Facts About Russian Ballet Swan Lake

Ballet is a dance that is very popular in the world. Ballet is theatrical and musical dance. Ballet was originally created in France and Italy. However, the place for developing ballet and surviving until now, is even very popular, namely in Russia. Russia is a country that still highly respects the art of ballet. Even […]

5 Best Known Ballet In Russia You Should Know

Dance has been introduced for several centuries. But along with the times, the types of dance are increasingly increasing with their respective goals and stories. And the dance that is still preserved authenticity and is classic in nature is ballet. Who doesn’t know ballet? Ballet is a dance that is very famous in the world. […]

The History of Russian Ballet That Will Amaze You!

In Russia, Ballet carries the feel of its original Italian origin, yet still feels distinctly Russian. This art of rigid, storytelling dance has evolved into a highly appreciated form of art alongside theatre and circus, and it blends classicism and folk dancing into a beautiful assimilation that retains the beauty of both its original ‘parents’. […]