6 Things that Should be Considered When You Prepare Russian Dinner

Dinner usually becomes something special. That’s because, this is a good time to meet with people who are special after a day of activity. Whether it’s a family up closest friend. Therefore, people will prepare dinner well. Each country in the world has its own special dinner. Similarly, with Russia. Russia has its own preparations […]

Before You Visit Russian Homes, Be Polite by Knowing Their Dining Etiquette

There is an unspoken agreement that takes place the moment you receive an invitation to someone’s house for meals which is the host agrees to make you feel comfortable while you, as a guest, agree to be polite and appreciative throughout the occasion. When both of these aspects are in sync, good times over good […]

The Russian Business Dining Etiquette (must know!)

Russia is a multicultural country that is influenced by various cultures. One that dominates there is the culture of Greek Orthodox Church that has penetrated into the joints of the life of the people of the Red Bear State. In addition, Russian diversity is also enlivened by the Orthodox Slavic culture, the Islamic Tatars, the […]

4 Interesting Facts of Russian Meal Time Etiquette

Even with the influence of global culture entering almost any country, including Russia, the Russian dining culture stays relatively intact from the influence, with a select few instances of adopting Western dining etiquette. Due to this, it is possible for visitors to be confused or overwhelmed during their trip as sometimes the rules may seem […]