8 Awesome Facts You Should Know of Peterhof Palace, Russia

Going to Russia is not just about visiting beautiful places in Russia people rarely visit, although those place are just unbelievably beautiful. It’s also not just about figuring out and take courage to land your feet in the mysterious citites in Russia you are not allowed to visit. It’s also about visiting a place that’s […]

7 Wonderful facts of Barents Sea, RUSSIA

Would you like to explore Russia more? Here we are , we will guide you where to travel in Russia especially if you loved beach so much. We will present to you 7 wonderful facts of Barents Sea in Russia. Lets scroll more over for get to know more . Well,  Is Russia have a […]

7 Must Know Facts About Russian Imports

Russia as the country of large territory and rich in natural resources has long struggles in developing their economic state. Despite their ability to produce process and sell their natural resource as the world largest exporter. In fact the country still needs to import some products which they can not produce by themselves due to […]

6 Color Codes of Traditional Russian Costumes

In many cultures, color holds a certain significance. A color symbolize something, and it’s different from one culture to another. It’s also the case in Russian culture. From red to black, each has a different meaning. Most people associate would Russia with red when it comes to color. And it’s with reason. Red in the […]

5 wonderful facts of Russian agriculture

Russia is known as the largest country where it provides wide range of beautiful landscape, along with climate diversity and the scattered historical monuments. Actually, Russia is not merely about the popular tourist destinations, but when we look at the geographical aspect, we can not look down or even underestimate that the country agriculture is […]

7 Important facts of Chechnya you should know

Facts of Chechnya, the southern land is no longer the troublesome part of Russia. In fact, it’s now one of the safest places in the country. Of course, you should still educate yourself of Chechnya’s culture and traditions, if you are planning to go there. Historically, Russia in the past conquered many Islam territorial and […]

9 Facts about Russian autumn in Russia

Russia has four seasons and autumn is the busiest time of all. Russian autumn in Russia means many works to do during this short time when autumn comes after a long summer time. It is the beginning of the school year, therefore students are busy preparing for school. Food is harvested and preserved. birds ready […]

15 Interesting Facts of Russia For Kids

Russia is one of the developed countries. Russian language also includes international languages. The country surrounds nine time zones and has communities with different ethnicities. Around 70 years Russia is the one of the Soviet Union. That is a super-communist state. Even Russia was the ‘king of evil’ at that time. Since the cold war […]