Moscow Or St. Petersburg; Which Is the Better Place to Spend Holiday?

Russia is indeed a country that should be included in the list of countries that you must visit. There are many interesting places there that would be a pity for you to miss if you have the opportunity to come there. More so if you come to big cities in Russia. For the foreign tourists, […]

The Greatest Opera and Ballet Performances During November; Must-Visited Moscow Now!

There are many ways that people do to enjoy their vacation time. Especially for those who really like art. During the holidays, they will certainly enjoy watching shows that are still related to art. In every country in the world, there are many types of art performances that you can enjoy during your vacation time. […]

Creepiest Things That Willing to Face When You Are Living in Moscow

If you hear something that is “the creepiest”, it is often mystical things that cross the minds of some people. In fact, not all things are said to be “creepy” is always associated with something like that. Sometimes it is more like a figure of speech when imagining something that bothers them. Many things can […]

How Russian Celebrate Winter Festival in Moscow

If you have never been to Russia, what do you think the weather is like in the country? You might instantly think that it’s cold there all year long. Well, that is not entirely true given the country has four seasons in a year. But, Russia does have an extreme kind of weather. It can […]

5 Best and Easy Hotels to Reach in Russia that are Perfect for Tourist

One of the most important aspect of going on vacation is the accommodation, where to stay. Although sometimes we might think that hotel is just about bed and breakfast. Sometimes we tend to choose just the best budget hotels in St Petersburg for tourist or friendly budget hotels in Moscow for tourist. The main point […]