8 Awesome Facts You Should Know of Peterhof Palace, Russia

Going to Russia is not just about visiting beautiful places in Russia people rarely visit, although those place are just unbelievably beautiful. It’s also not just about figuring out and take courage to land your feet in the mysterious citites in Russia you are not allowed to visit. It’s also about visiting a place that’s […]

Get to know best bakeries in St. Petersburg

Everyone needs a quick stop at best bakeries in St. Petersburg to recharge and enjoy the best dessert that the city can offer. There are many Things You Need To Taste In Russia, and it does not limit to the culture, people, atmosphere, and landscape only, Russian cuisine is one of the best in the world. Saint […]

5 Best and Easy Hotels to Reach in Russia that are Perfect for Tourist

One of the most important aspect of going on vacation is the accommodation, where to stay. Although sometimes we might think that hotel is just about bed and breakfast. Sometimes we tend to choose just the best budget hotels in St Petersburg for tourist or friendly budget hotels in Moscow for tourist. The main point […]

6 Various Reasons Why You Should Visit St. Petersburg

1. Why Go St. Petersburg? St Petersburg is beautiful, complex, and the ultimate Russian prima donna. This city has a history of 300 years. From an uninhibited swamp, this place has been nurtured and revamped. It also survived its own history and natures’ elements that it reach a metropolitan city today. St Petersburg are attractive […]