8 Awesome Facts You Should Know of Peterhof Palace, Russia

peterhof palaceGoing to Russia is not just about visiting beautiful places in Russia people rarely visit, although those place are just unbelievably beautiful. It’s also not just about figuring out and take courage to land your feet in the mysterious citites in Russia you are not allowed to visit. It’s also about visiting a place that’s remarkable like Peterhof Palace.

Were you once Disney stories lovers? Dreaming of being a princess, or at lease living in a place that’s just as magical as in the Disney movie? Disneyland might be one of the most known option to visit, but this place is truly worth visiting, as it is packed with unique characteristic yet classy. What is Peterhof Palace actually? Is that just park where you can stroll? Is that a place that was built for attraction? There are a lot of wonderful facts you should know of Peterhof Palace, Russia that will make you can’t wait but kick your feet and stroll around.

Facts of Peterhof Palace

This series of palaces located in Saint Petersburg is definitely a place that you shouldn’t miss when you’e going to Russia. However, it’d be way more better if you know the story behind every corner of Peterhof palace before you take a step there. It’s not just so that you can know a little bit about the history that this grand place holds, but also so that you know the things that you have to know before going there. Here are some of the things that you should pay attention on :

1. It was commissioned by Peter the Great

Peter Alexeyevich, also known as Peter the Great, was born in Russia on 9 June 1672. He ruled the Tsardom of Russia until his death in 1725. He was quite successful that he expanded the area that he rules into a major European power. He is the one who founded and developed the city of Saint Petersburg, which also remained as capital of Rusia until 1917. He is the one who commissioned this grand Peterhof Pakace, still known as a must visit in Russia that people never want to miss out.

2. It was inspired by Palace of Versailles

Peter the great was inspired by Palace of Versailles that was founded by Louis XIV of France after he visited the French royal court. This is why, people also call this place ‘ The Russian Versailles’. Although both of this place aren’t identical, but they’re like the representative of each country with their very own characteristic. The construction of his new capital St Petersburg in 1703 after successfully capturing Swedish provinces on the eastern coast.

3. Before the whole place was built, Monplaisir Palace had already been built

In 1714, Peter the Great sketched and started his own construction of Monplaisir Palace. This Dutch style-based palace was becoming Peter’s summer retreat that he only use on his way when he come and go from Europe. He even made use of the seaward corner of this palace for him to study maritime. This is just the very  beginning of the whole construction of Peterhof Palace. A place that’s built on the very first before the rest of the palaces, gardens, fountains, and fine statue exist to complete the whole place.

4. Designed by Jean-Baptiste Le Blond

After Peter the Great got inspired and started to build Monplaisir Palace, the design of the palace and its garden was done by the French architect Jean-Baptiste Le Blond. French influence is surely strong here, although they’re still not identical. This is one of the facts you should know of Peterhof Palace, Russia, that most people skip out on. It feels super great though, going to a place with knowledge in your hand about the story behind the beautiful place. 

5. A place for series of palace, garden, fountains, and fine architecture

Whether you are someone who love history and arts or not, you’ll fall in love with this place for it will get you to somewhere that feel magical yet historical. There are a lot of palaces with different characteristic that you can visit in this place. Palaces are not the only things you can see here, but there are a lot of beautiful fountains, fine statue, as well as garden that will make you feel peaceful as you walk in. 

6. You’ll need Hydrofoil to get here

Hydrofoil is a fast boat that’s caught at the pier opposite the Hermitage. You can reach this place by sea if you want to ride the Hydrofoil, taking about 30 minutes to arrive at the Peterhof Palace. Although you’ll spend money to ride this fast boat, it’s quite recommended to take the sea route so that you can get a complete experience of visiting the great Peterhof Palace. You can purchase the ticket online before you come since that would be more convenient for you during your visit.

7. It’s a must to check on the hours of operation

This place is not open just everyday. Of course you wouldn’t want to come there unprepared and end up not being able to enjoy most of the existing attraction in Peterhof Palace. You can check this out on the website, and carefuly take a note for there are a lot of palaces that have different hours of operation. 

Although it might sounds a little bit complicated that you have to really suit your schedule before going there, it’s not that hard since the internet came along. You can simply spend some time to note down when will the place operates, and find on which day are you able to visit. This is all worth the beautiful view and meaningful time you’ll spend on Peterhof Palace, though. 

8. It is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site

Want to know how worth would it be for you to pay a visit to Peterhof palace? UNESCO has given you the hint that it’s worth visit by recognizing this place as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Well, it’s not weird or unusual though. Everyone who land their feet here and get a chance to stroll around would understand fully why is this place worth something like being declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its beauty, art, architecture, landscape are some of the reasons why it’s very worth visiting, even if you got to pay tickets for the entry in few places. 

Visiting nature beauties such as place you should visit in Russia to see the beautiful scenery is something that no one would want to miss out. Eating good foods iconic food to eat in Russia on valentine’s day or trying out bizarre Russian food that they eat on special occasions and meddle in the culture of Russia is very important. Going to beautiful mosques, churches and visiting museums might be a must in your travel itienary as well.

But, one place you should never miss out on when you’re going to Russia is this place that holds amazing facts you should know of Peterhof Palace, Russia. It’s a place that will make you feel like you’re somewhere else for a while. It holds a lot of history back then when it was built. It’s a place where you can enjoy your holiday with your loved ones, taking memorable photographs, having meaningful conversation, and learn the beauty of history and arts that can be seen in every corner of Peterhof Palace.

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