8 Interesting Facts of the Valley of the Geyser (No. 2 is Breathtaking)

valley of geyserNature is rich and beautiful. This state is just way too true to be denied. Talking about travelling in the nature isn’t just all about mountain and sandy beach. There are a lot more to it, from waterfall, forest, savannah, taiga, peninsula, island, hot springs, and so much more. That’s why, exploring the nature is never boring and always new.

Wherever you go, there are a distinct characteristic that makes a place different from others. One of the place that holds uniqueness in Russia is the Valley of the Geyser which have their own interesting facts of the Valley of the Geyser that will amuse you.

What is geyser anyway? Geyser is  a spring that eject water and steam to the air with specific height. It’s a rare natural beauty that only occurs near volcanoes. It is formed through the water that seeps through the ground and come in contact with rock that’s heated by magma in volcanic areas.

Geysers are not easily occur, and they also don’t exist forever. There are geysers that burst water just few times a year, but there are also geysers that burst water in smaller amount frequently. This is a unique, rare natural sites where you can be amazed by how complicated yet awesome the earth where we live is.

Facts of Valley of the Geyser

There are a lot of geysers in the world, even if their number is quite limited due to how hard is it formed. There’s Yellowstone in the US, El Tatio in Chile, Taupo Volcanic Zone in New Zealand, but what we’re going to highlight is the Valley of the Geyser that exist in Kamchatka peninsula, Russia. In fact, it’s one of the interesting facts about Kamchatka Peninsula that people are eager to know and even visit on their journey. There are a lot of dangerous volcanoes of Russia you should not approach, but this one is quite open for tourism visit although with few restrictions to keep visitors safe.

It’s one of the beautiful places in Russia people rarely visit. But that’s not all to it. Valley of the Geyser have a lot of interesting facts that will make you feel like travelling to Russia right away. Here are few of those facts that you should know:

1. Hard to reach

The only possible transportation that could take you to this beautiful place is by helicopter. Tourism here is possible, but the transportation is limited so you can’t go there without planning. Well, if you know just how beautiful and rare is the view that you’re going to get, then you’ll never hesitate spending more money to ride the helicopter and enjoy your sight-seeing there.

2. The second-densest concentrated geyser

There are few geyser valley that you can find somewhere else, yes. You don’t have to go until you reach Russia just to visit a geyser. However, it’s different here in Kamchatka peninsula. You won’t be disappointed, for the Valley of the Geyser here is the second most dense in concentration in the world. You’re someone who love exploring nature and learning earth science? This place could be a very pleasant place for you to visit.

3. Discovered by a local scientist

This world’s beauty that also contains danger in it were discovered by Tatyana Ustinova in 1941. This wasn’t published until fourteen years after the very first discovery, though. Later on around 1980s, this place started to become a place where tourists would came and enjoy. Although limited number of people can visit this place, it’s still popular for its uniqueness and beauty.

4. Once came a massive mudflow

After the discovery and tourism visit, this place still flourished, even after the incident in 2007. On 2007, there was a massive mudflow that bury geysers, thermal pools, even waterfalls there. When this happened back then, there was a spot that’s known as the world’s hottest spots that almost disappeared. However, this valley still exist after that incident, attracting more and more people to come and experienced walking around the second most dense concentrated geyser after the Yellowstone in the US

5. 200 Geysers exist

The Valley of the Geyser, is not a place where only one geyser exists. There are around 200 geysers in the valley area. That’s quite a lot of geysers in a place, though. Even if some of those might look similar to some people, they actually distingue from one and another. They have their own unique characteristic that will not make you feel bored as you are looking around. However, that much number of geysers also mean that you need to take care more of your safety while you’re travelling here.

6. Erupts up to 60 tons water

There are a lot of geysers here, that’s a fact. One of the largest one can even erupts water as much as 60 tons. This happens once or twice during a year, but that’s still a great amount of water, anyway. This is one of the interesting facts of the Valley of the Geyser that you won’t be able to deny.

7. Beautifully dangerous

We all know that Valley of the Geyser were once in a massive mudflow that damage the area quite a lot. This is back then in the past, but this doesn’t mean that it will never happen again in the future. It’s beautiful, it’s unique and rare, but it’s also undeniably dangerous at some point. However, if you ever get a chance to see this geysers area, you still shouldn’t miss it out. You’d better prepare yourself, learn the safety guide well and enjoy your trip without worries here in the Valley of the Geysers.

8. It’s one of the UNESCO Heritage Site

Although there are a lot of people who haven’t noticed this natural sites in Russia, it’s still too awesome to be not known. Valley of the Geyser is one of the UNESCO Heritage Site. No wonder, though. As we see at these interesting facts, we can conclude that this place is quite special and can’t be missed out. It’s dangerous at some point, yes. However, that become the concern of some scientist out there.

Strolling through the nature, we can’t help but get amazed by the beauty of the nature. Nature can surprise us in many ways, one of the ways is quite explained in the interesting facts of the Valley of the Geyser in Kamchatka peninsula, Russia, mentioned above. This is quite a reminder for us, that we live in a beautiful earth with a lot of features that are made purposely. It’s a part of our duty to keep this earth ‘happy’. Keep this earth clean and safe, for the safety of the human kind too.

If you ever get a chance to go on a holiday to Russia, don’t just enjoy drinking and hanging out till’ you drop in the  coolest cocktail bars in Russia. Of course, it’d be perfect for you to spend time exploring the newest, latest tourism spots when you’re visiting a country. However, that’s not all to it. Cultural visit? This is also very important so that you can involve yourself with the culture of the place you’re visiting. Culinary? This is something no one could skip when travelling, though. But make sure you got time to enjoy the nature such as natural wonders in Russia as well to make your journey completely enjoyable.

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