15 Top Interesting Facts of Altai Mountain

There are generally two types of people when it comes to nature. One’s in love with the beach, sand, salty water. Meanwhile  other prefer the beautiful mountain with all the trees, breeze, and fog. Whether you’re beach person or mountain person, you’d definitely be amazed by natural wonders in Russia that are perfect for travel destination as well as this unique mountain located in the heart of Russia.

Altai mountain, such an epic name for a mountain that will lure you to go there. Moreover, when you find out the interesting facts of Altai Mountain, Russia that you might have never imagined before. Sit on the edge of your seat and get immersed in these interesting facts.

Interesting Facts about Altai Mountain

Talking about mountain, few might think that mountain is basically a mountain. Just the same mountain everywhere meanwhile the thing is, every mountains have their own unique and distinct character. That unique trait is what make people then could have a base for choosing the most popular mountains in Russia voted by tourists. Here are few interesting facts that you should take a look at :

1. Altai means Gold Mountain

The name Altai derived from the Mongolian word ‘Alt’ (gold) and ‘Tai’ (with). Together means mountain with gold. In its Chinese and Turkic languages it also means gold mountain.

2. Drastic temperature change

The overall climate in Altai mountain is severely continental. The winter in this mountain is long and very cold. During January and February, the temperatures can reach to 5-20 degrees Celcius. It can even reach -48 degrees in its coldest times. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no summer in here. It could get especially hot during May until September.
This temperature change is quite a challenge, but it supposed to be just fine if you have known and prepared well before trying to visit this mountain.

3. Glaciers

Glaciers, dense ice, can be found easily here. There are more than 10 glaciers, indeed. The largest one, known as Potanin, was discovered by a Russian, Grigory Potanin. As years passed by, this glacier is getting bigger in size. Those beautiful glaciers aren’t just for your eyes to enjoy, yet you could also take a hike with experienced guide there. If you’re that enthutiastic when it come to winter and snow, you probably need to check out the everlasting winter destination in Russia as well.

4. Ufok Plateau

In the southwest of Altay Republic is an area where many of the important Pazyrk tombs were discovered. The climate in Ufok Plateau is just perfect for preserving the bodies in the tombs , although it’s quite hard to reach that people need to rely on helicopter to get there.

5. Nasty winds, the grass stands free of snow area

During winter, the area is hit by nasty winds that’s called grass stands free of snow. Ufok itself has a quite unique meaning. It’s implying to the end of everything. Local peole believe that it’s a step way to the end of everything, which some of us refer to as heaven. This is why, in this sacred area people should behave properly. People should not shout out of fear here.

6. Rich cultural heritage

Located in the middle of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China, one of the interesting facts of Altai Mountains, Russia. This eventually develop a huge variety of culture around the Altai Mountain. For culture enthutiast, this mountain could let you learn and experience the rich culture aspects while travelling. Well, it can’t go wrong to experience the culture of valentine’s day in Russia or the old Russian cuisine as part of their culture when you visit Russia, right? It cna’t go wrong to take a look at the culture of Altay when you got time to visit there.

7. The wildest and most interesting parts of southern Russia

Altai mountains is not just any mountains. Almost all kinds of vegetation, from forest, steppes, wild river, lakes, deserts, to snow are there for you to get immersed in. You can step on both the driest and wettest area within Altai mountains. Although these difference can be quite overwhelming, it’s still nice to get the experience of them all without having to travel too far.

8. Wide variety of natural vegetation and faunas

Due to interesting fact number 5, the variety of vegetation and fauna is wide enough. Having different climate and characteristic, each area of Altai mountain has unique vegetation from grasses, bushes, light forest, shrubs, and so on. You can find several species of deer, snow leopard, wolves, mountains goats, and various birds.

9. The first to realize the importance of trade and wealth in Central Asia

Back in the Ancient times, the Altai were the first Central Asian group who realize the importance of trade and wealth. This brought them control over the Silk Road trade route between China and the West.

10. Most Altay live in beautiful villages

Villages are set up along rivers, lakes, farmland, mountain meadow, where people can farm and hunt. They usually raise sheep, goats, cattle, horses, camels, and maral deer for medicine.

11. Transportation mostly by boat or horse

In the village where people are living, they farm and hunt. However, they would still need transportation to go to one place from another. In order to pass the river, they usually use boat. Meanwhile to go to somewhere else but the rivers, they use horses. In fact, in the ancient day, people who lived there were Mongol-like horsemen.

12. Round sheepskin cap as the traditional headgear

Most places where people lives would develop their own traditional traits that’s indeed unique. Although it might have been going on since a very long time ago, it’s still important and proper to remember and keep the continuity of the traditions. People here wear round sheepskin cap with a silk tassel on the top ad their traditional headgear. It’s worn by both Altay men and women.

13. Impressive storytelling skills

Here’s another interesting facts of Altai Mountain, Russia. Altay people who inhabit the villages area of the Altay mountains are known and valued for their skills of storytelling that’s just impressive. They have a rich collection of folklore, legends, and even poems going on. Back then, they also use traditional instruments such as topshur and temirkomys.

14. It’s established as a Republic in 1922

This beautiful, mysterious, yet wonderful nature of Altay mountains is not just any mountains. There are people living in there, and it was even established as a Republic in the 1922 ad the Oirot Autonomous Oblast. It was renamed several times until know it’s called Republic of Gorno-Altay or simply Altay.

15. Can’t just get bored

When it comes to travelling to Altay Mountains, you’re guaranteed of a lot of activities to do and enjoy. If you’re a nature lovers, then it would be very practical for you. You can do hiking in several area of the mountains, you can trek, white water raft, and even hunt. You might even get in touch with the local people to get immersed in the culture of Altay. Enjoying the nature while enriching your knowledge of culture wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

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