8 Interesting Facts of the Valley of the Geyser (No. 2 is Breathtaking)

Nature is rich and beautiful. This state is just way too true to be denied. Talking about travelling in the nature isn’t just all about mountain and sandy beach. There are a lot more to it, from waterfall, forest, savannah, taiga, peninsula, island, hot springs, and so much more. That’s why, exploring the nature is […]

All Facts About Kamchatka, The Most Hazardous Place in Russia

Only two days before this article was written, an earthquake with magnitude of 6.4 shook Kamchatka peninsula. The epicenter was only around 100 miles from a city. And it was only one of four earthquakes with magnitude of 3.0 or greater that happened around the area within the last 10 days. Thankfully, no victims were […]

8 Dangerous Volcanoes Of Russia You Should Not Approach

Hello friends, we meet again. Today we want to add some knowledge for you about Russia. The interesting fact about Nature in Russia. Now we want to explore more about the nature in Russia. As we know, Russia had all the nature, both eyegasm and dangerous. Have you recognize the eyegasm nature in Russia? Do […]

Most Active Volcanoes of Russia You Should Know

Russia is full of snow. Whether with this condition, did you know that Russia is still have the Active Volcanoes? Well, we could says this because you have to know this fact. We present to you more about Most Active Volcanes of Russia You Should Know. In 10 volcanoes active, there are 9 volcanoes that […]