6 Best Things You Must Do in Peterhof Palace, Russia

peterhof Visiting a place, also means doing things in that place. Even if it’s a leisure time, no one would want to pay for travel cost just to do nothing there. People would usually find for attractions beforehand, listing places they want to visit and what are they going to do there. This is somehow the most complicated yet the best part of a journey or a trip, though. Sticking to it is also very important to make the holiday enjoyable and every bucketlist get checked despite the limited time.

Going to Russia, especially St. Petersburg means you can do a lot of things. You can recommended beauty salons in St. Petersburg, Russia, you can try  visiting some of the most instagramable spots in St. Petersburg that not many people know, or you can simply please your tummy with most popular foods in St. Petersburg during ramadan. But you shouldn’t forget that there are best things you must do in Peterhof Palace, Russia if you’d ever get a chance to visit St. Petersburg.

Things to do in Peterhof

Peterhof Palace, also known as Russian Versailles, is a place where you can find a series of palaces, fountains, fine statue, and surrounding garden in St. Petersburg. There are facts you should know of Peterhof Palace, Russia before you come there and enjoy your day. It’s a tourist attraction that’s recognized as one of UNESCO Heritage Site that no one should miss out on while visiting St. Petersburg. Being commissioned by Peter the Great back then, this place holds unique characteristic and beauty that will mesmerize everyone who came by. Here are few things that you can do in Peterhof :

1. Visit the Grand Cascade

The Grand Cascade is one of the part of Peterhof Palace that you shouldn’t miss out. It’s made based on the one that Louis XIV built at his Château de Marly. There are 64 fantastic fountains that you can find here, specifically below the grotto. The thing is, those fountains are not operated by any single pumps. Water is being supplied from natural spring and get to flow due to elevation difference. This is what makes fountains in the Grand Cascade even more amusing to see. The Grand Cascade, is definitely one of the spot that you must see in Peterhof Palace.

2. Take unique photo with the Samson

Around the Grand Cascade, you can find a fountain with Samson statue that’s placed in the 1730s. The statue tells the story about Samson when he tears open the jaws of a lion. This is not just a story that’s written in the bible, but it’s placed there to represent Russia’s victory over Sweden in the Great Northern War. The lion itself is an element of the Swedish coat of arms.

The water being shot from the lion’s mouth is the highest one through all in Peterhof. This wonderful fountain was designed and made by Mikhail Kozlovsky, but during the second world war, it was looted by Germans. In 1947, a replica was placed there. If you’re going to Peterhof, you should take some photos with this magnificent fountains that holds story and history in it. Don’t just take ordinary photos, though. You can be all expressive and creative to create your own memory as long as you don’t disturb your surroundings, for sure.

3. Visit the Grand Palace

There are about 30 rooms here in the largest palace in Peterhof. One of the best things you must do in Peterhof Palace, Russia, is to come and see for yourself every inch of the Grand Palace. There’s a place known as the Chesma Hall. It’s decoated with 12 large paintings painted by artist Jacob Philipp Hackert.

Although the paintings are amazing, there are a lot of  complaints and critics stating that the scene was not realistic, although fanciful. Another hall placed in the centre of the palace holds about 368 paintings, mostly of dressed women. This place is historic yet artistic, you wouldn’t regret ever coming in for the view you can get inside is just amazing. You aren’t so into history? You can just take a stroll and admire the amazing paintings and architecture in this palace.

4. Visit Marly Palace

This palace is located on the Lower Park. Back then in the past, it was one of the sanctuary of Peter the Great, a place where he enjoyed his me time. It was built in 1717, as a building that’s quite separated from the others, declaring how Peter was determined to built a true retreat place for him to enjoy peacefully.

There are a lot of Peter the Great’s treasures and belongings there, which is now accessible for us to see in this museum palace. You can feel the historical feeling as you came in, it’s not just a place with beautiful design, but it’s also a place where you can feel at ease, just like how Peter the Great felt back then. It’s just as beautiful and as impressing as some of the best historical spots in Russia that you should visit.

5. Get wet in the water road

There are a lot of fountains here in Peterhof, but not all of them are just for you to enjoy the view. There are few water splash that are meant to let you have fun and get wet at the same time. The trick fountain that use sensor system was the idea of Peter the Great and N. Michetti. Make sure you prepare spare clothes before you step into Peterhof if you don’t wanna miss having fun here in the Water Road with families, friends , or loved ones. Who says visiting a palace is just boring and lame? You can have extra fun as you step your feet into this tricky road.

6. Walk at the upper park

Peterhof separate its garden into two types, the upper and lower one. In the upper one, you can stroll around without paying entrance fee, unlike the lower garden. The upper park wasn’t there yet in the early 1700s. In this charming park, you can not only find grass and trees, but also beautiful fountains and Greek statues. You can just have some peaceful walk with your loved ones, take some memorable photos as enjoy the calm and peaceful vibes here.

Going to the Peterhof palace means you can’t skip out on the best things you must do in Peterhof Palace. You can not only enjoy the beautiful view, getting amused by the magnificent statues, and get lost as you get into the palaces here in Peterhof. You can also enjoy the peaceful nature as you walk through the garden, you can even have some fun in the water road, getting wet by the water splash. You might need to spare about a day here in Peterhof for you to explore every place you wanted to see. You need to prepare well before you go by buying tickets, checking operating hours, preparing the stuffs and things you should use or wear, and fitting this into your travel schedule.

Are you planning on travelling with children? It’s a very great way of letting them get in touch with nature, culture, history, and even art in a fun way. Are you going here with your partner? It’d be a perfect romantic walk for you both here. What if you’re travelling alone? Even walking here on your own can let you enjoy your travel, taking photographs for you to take home, enjoying the calming breeze here in Peterhof.

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