Do You Love Nature? Altai is the Best Place to Visit 

Do you love nature? Altai is the best place to visit. It is a great opportunity to visit Altai in Russia in case you are looking for an immaculate, raw paradise of experience and brilliant natural beauty.   Three nations merge at the outskirts of the Altai Republic: Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and China, supporting the district in […]

Love Russia and Nature? Visit These 5 Photogenic Russian National Parks

Not only having beautiful historical buildings that are spread all over Saint Petersburg, Russia is also blessed with amazing nature. Given such a vast landmass called home, Russia has diverse conditions of nature from the ever snowy mountain regions to the semi-desert fringing the Caspian Sea. The country’s wildlife is also rich and unique with […]

Russian Olive Bush, a Shrub with Unique Form and Behavior

Because Russia covers more than 17 thousand square kilometers of the surface of the Earth, the country has a very rich wildlife with variation of flora and fauna. There are a few zones of vegetation around Russia; the arctic desert on the northernmost part, the tundra that is stretched along the northern part of Asia, […]

3 Mesmerizing Trees You Must Spot In Russia When You Come By

When you look around you, you can see many beautiful things nature provides for us. You can enjoy the blue sky with puffy clouds moving slowly. You can listen to the birds chirping and enjoy the view of plants. For people who live far from the city, it is very common to see many plants […]

15 Top Interesting Facts of Altai Mountain

There are generally two types of people when it comes to nature. One’s in love with the beach, sand, salty water. Meanwhile  other prefer the beautiful mountain with all the trees, breeze, and fog. Whether you’re beach person or mountain person, you’d definitely be amazed by natural wonders in Russia that are perfect for travel […]

7 Facts You Should Know About Maly Semyachik Volcano

What do you think after hearing the word “volcano”? Volcanoes sometimes really make us afraid when active. Because when it’s raging, volcanoes will cause great harm and suffering to all creatures in the area. However, it cannot be denied if the volcano also has its own beauty. Countries that have beautiful volcanoes, often get economic […]

11 Natural Wonders in Russia That Are Perfect for Travel Destination

Russia has beautiful mountains, beaches, deserts, volcanoes, and glaciers, making it one of the most beautiful natural wonders countries in the world. However, due to inconsistent promotion, these natural beauty is frequently overlooked even by Russians. Beautiful natural wonders of Russia Russia is so huge and almost intimidating. Even more, The fact about Russia are […]

5 Most Beautiful and Natural Garden in Russia

Saint Petersburg probably has many beautiful places. Some of those include beautiful natural garden. In addition to Saint Petersburg, Moscow has some of such places as well. If you have a chance to visit Russia, you probably want to see natural scenery in those cities. Or, if you are longing for enjoying such natural view, […]

How Russian Uses and Appreciate The Existence Of Birch Trees

How other parts of the world other than Russians view birch trees in forests: If we picture a forest covered with birch trees into our mind, one will feel astounded by the beauty of these lining birch trees. They will go on for a walk to help them stay happy and healthy through mediating walk […]