11 Most Popular Autumn Foods in Russia – Prepare to Winter

What are popular autumn foods in Russia? Food is a one of culture’s product. Nature also inspired people in making food receipt. The weather and season also affect to receipt of food. Since the old time, the food receipt is still practice and become a treasure of heritage. So what are the autumn receipts of […]

8 Famous Spring Foods in Russia (Nature Give Mercy and Blessing)

Spring food for Russian people. Spring season has give spirit of life to Russian people and spring foods. Why? The weather in spring season is warm. The trees are green in the street, parks and yards. The rains may fall, but as usual the sun shines brightly. The most beautiful are the birds returning from […]

8 Favorite Foods in Russia During Summer

What is the most favorite foods in Russian during the summer season? The months of summer are July, June, and August. The summer starts at July and ends at August. In summer, the days are hot and warm, and the days are long and the nights are short. The trees are green in everywhere. We […]

Wedding in Russian Style (The Symbol of Joy and Prosperity)

  There is tradition, ritual and style at wedding ceremony (read also the bread and salt in wedding tradition). Since the old time until today, the tradition at wedding has still practice, but some, there is changed in the practice due to modernization and mix and blend with other cultures. Every country has tradition in […]

5 Most Favorite Food in Russia During Winter Season – Warm the Body

Most favorite food in Russia during the season. Russia has four seasons; winter, spring, summer and autumn. The winter months are December, January, and February. The weathers in winter are cold, snows, and the days are short and the nights are long. We may see the frozen lakes and rivers. As in snow condition in […]

Bread and Salt in Russian traditions (The Symbolism and History)

  Bread and Salt is one of the traditions in Russia. For Russian people, the existence of Bread is very important. The Bread and Salt is always related to their life and become part of life. As we know, Russian people respect to bread due to the history of it. Read about the story why […]

The meaning of Bread as Symbols of Every Aspect in Russian’s life

Food is also written the history of a nation, for example bread in Russia. It is also has symbolism for a country. The bread was born in the times when the blockade of Leningrad is happen. In that old time, people didn’t have enough food. Then, by little piece of bread, it could save the life. In […]

The Meaning of Bread and Salt in Russian Wedding Tradition

Marriage is a sacred event when man and husband are bound in a holy agreement. The bride and groom are stated their promise to love and keep each other till the end of life. Every country has own wedding tradition, such as bread and salt in Russian wedding tradition. Bread and salt also become symbol […]

Bread Riots in Russia – February Revolution Begins In Russia

Russian is a country with a lot of tradition, custom, and history. Talking about history, you may have read about bread, Easter egg, tradition of New Year tradition, Christmas tradition in Russia, and a lot of others. Now, we will talk about one of the biggest movement in history of Russia, called as Bread Riots. […]

Bread in Russian Culture – History why Russian Respect to Bread

  When we talk about country, race, and nation, it always related to tradition. Tradition also closely related to many things, such clothes, homes, ceremony, ways of eating, and so on. For example, read the tradition of New Year tradition and Christmas tradition in Russia. Here, we will focus on food. Why? We may find […]