Why Does Kulebyaka Pie Always Be A Special Thing On Russian Christmas Day?

It is very well known that Russians are very generous in preparing meals. Whenever you are going to your Russian friend’s house, they will serve you with plenty amount of food. At the very least, you will find salt fish, meats, and different kinds of salads. There will indeed some of Russians’ popular food, such […]

Various Jam for Russian Pancakes to Boost Your Mood

Like everyone else in part of the world. Russian also do breakfast and maybe a little more festive. If you are wondering What Do Russians Eat For Their Daily breakfast it is mostly following their tradition as well as some western influence. Eating breakfast in Russia includes various dishes both sweet and savoury. One of the most […]

All You Need to Know About the Rules for Russian Breakfast

We are what we eat” – goes a long way when you are refering to the Russian. Not only the WHAT you eat thet matters, but also the HOW and WHY is equally important. You probably already know What Do Russians Eat For Their Daily Breakfast and also their habit on dining home and what […]

8 Tasty Russian Snacks that Everyone in the World Should Try

When your belly are craving for some food but you can’t handle a big meal, then snacks is your only option. In modern times, there are many ways to make and eat snacks. People from around the world invented their own recipe of making snacks for them to eat between their meals. Just like any […]

8 Russian cuisine that you probably won’t try

Before deciding to go on vacation overseas, you should already gather all the important information especially about the cuisine. It is important to always feed your hunger,   but don’t forget the essential taste that you will experience. You must be careful not to try something weird, as the look might not always represent the taste. […]

Healthiest Staple Foods of Russian Cuisine

Russia is a country that has many special foods. Starting from soup, various processed meats to bread. For carbohydrate staple foods, Russians prefer bread and wheat as energy fillers. Even in Russia, there is a history of why bread is so important in Russia. Beside bread, Russia also has various types of soup. Call it […]

10 Yummy Russian Sweets that You Can’t Miss During Holiday

Sweet foods let you have a good mood. Enjoying sweets is best whenever you’re happy and it’d lift you up when you’re down. Well, there’s something called sugar rush, which proves how sweets can give you a boost of energy and mood. It’s a good food to enjoy along with friends and have a great […]

8 Famous Spring Foods in Russia (Nature Give Mercy and Blessing)

Spring food for Russian people. Spring season has give spirit of life to Russian people and spring foods. Why? The weather in spring season is warm. The trees are green in the street, parks and yards. The rains may fall, but as usual the sun shines brightly. The most beautiful are the birds returning from […]

6 most likeable things for Russian people

“Russians love vodka” is the most common stereotype known by foreigners. However, there are other most likeable things for Russian people. After reading about personality traits of Russians, you might wonder what are the things Russians like and enjoy. Read this article to find out more! Below are the 6 most likeable things for Russian people: […]

8 Favorite Foods in Russia During Summer

What is the most favorite foods in Russian during the summer season? The months of summer are July, June, and August. The summer starts at July and ends at August. In summer, the days are hot and warm, and the days are long and the nights are short. The trees are green in everywhere. We […]