4 Facts of Affordable Wedding Traditions For Most Newlyweds In Russia

Tradition is a pride and a necessity for most people. Until now, there are still many people who use tradition in various events. Like births, birthdays, or weddings. Because tradition contains hope and prayer about a celebration. So, tradition must be done for most people. And one tradition that is still widely practiced is the […]

6 Facts of Wedding Traditions In Ingushetia, Russia

Wedding tradition is a tradition that many people still do in various parts of the world. The wedding tradition is not time-consuming. Not just done, but the tradition of marriage is still considered important. Likewise with the Russian people who still carry out various traditions on their wedding day. Russia is a country rich in […]

6 Weirdest Traditions Of The Celebration Of Russian Wedding

Marriage is something that lovers really want. Marriage is the union of two people who love each other to form a happy home for life. So that marriage is considered as something very sacred and respected. Marriage always has traditions in accordance with the culture of both parties. These traditions certainly have their own meaning […]

Wedding in Russian Style (The Symbol of Joy and Prosperity)

  There is tradition, ritual and style at wedding ceremony (read also the bread and salt in wedding tradition). Since the old time until today, the tradition at wedding has still practice, but some, there is changed in the practice due to modernization and mix and blend with other cultures. Every country has tradition in […]