6 Facts of Winter Palace and Russian revolution

No one can spare winter palace from ruin. We have previously informed that the palace received restoration. Thus, there surely be something that urges it. The urgency that urges government to restore winter palace does not come from the fact that it was already old. Nor the fact that it received some impacts of disasters. […]

8 Facts About Catherine Palace in Russia

Catherine Palace is in Tsarskoye Selo city. It is 25 km from St. Petersburg, Russia. The palace is a place of rest for Catherine the Great during her journeys. The empress asked a designer to build the palace in 1717 for her summer residence. Catherine Palace had received some renovations since 1733. However, many people […]

Bread Riots in Russia – February Revolution Begins In Russia

Russian is a country with a lot of tradition, custom, and history. Talking about history, you may have read about bread, Easter egg, tradition of New Year tradition, Christmas tradition in Russia, and a lot of others. Now, we will talk about one of the biggest movement in history of Russia, called as Bread Riots. […]