Karavay; All You Need to Know About Russian Wedding Dish

The festive table is an integral part of the Russian wedding. No other country can compare with the Russian customs of a wedding feast, despite the fact that large-scale feasts for this special day are arranged everywhere in the world. The menu of the Russian wedding is characterized by an abundance of national dishes. Nowadays, […]

Stolichniy Rye; a Russian Bread for Your Quick Breakfast

Stolichniy is one of the most popular varieties of Russian rye bread. It is produced from a mixture of rye-peeled flour and wheat flour of the 1st grade on rye sourdough with the addition of other raw materials. This healthy bread has been around since the Soviet time and close to Russians’ hearts. It is […]

6 Interesting Facts of Russian Karavai That You Never Knew

When we have weddings, must have items should be flowers, wedding rings or a 3 layer tall wedding cake. We might want to have a lot of modern pastries like rainbow cakes, macaroons or nicely decorated scones. However, its a different story for the Russians. Traditional round loaf of bread known as Russian Karavai. A […]

Bread and Salt in Russian traditions (The Symbolism and History)

  Bread and Salt is one of the traditions in Russia. For Russian people, the existence of Bread is very important. The Bread and Salt is always related to their life and become part of life. As we know, Russian people respect to bread due to the history of it. Read about the story why […]

Bread in Russian Culture – History why Russian Respect to Bread

  When we talk about country, race, and nation, it always related to tradition. Tradition also closely related to many things, such clothes, homes, ceremony, ways of eating, and so on. For example, read the tradition of New Year tradition and Christmas tradition in Russia. Here, we will focus on food. Why? We may find […]