Wedding in Russian Style (The Symbol of Joy and Prosperity)


There is tradition, ritual and style at wedding ceremony (read also the bread and salt in wedding tradition). Since the old time until today, the tradition at wedding has still practice, but some, there is changed in the practice due to modernization and mix and blend with other cultures. Every country has tradition in every aspect of cultural, including wedding style. For example wedding in Russian style, and how is the wedding in Russian style? The particular article will explain briefly on Russian wedding.

In recent time, people choose the wedding ceremony in two customs, traditional and modern. In Russian, the wedding rituals are serving the bread and salt, dinner, vodka, games, kiss, rings, and others. They conduct their wedding in church, home, and hall. Here are some facts about wedding in Russian style;

Participants at Russian Wedding

Such wedding in general tradition, there are most important participants and a must at wedding in Russian style;

  • The groom (Жених) and a bride (Невеста). Of course, there should be man and wife at wedding.
  • The maid of honor (Свидетельница) is a witness of female, and a best man (Свидетель) is a witness of male. They will be witnessing the registration of the marriage record.
  • The priest is a person who blesses and related them in a marriage.

The Crowning and Betrothal Ceremony

In Russia, they have two options for traditional ceremony in a church (called as venchanie In Russian): the Betrothal and the Crowning. And the most, they take place the wedding in the morning.

What does it mean Betrohal? Betrothal is used as the blessed of the engagement, but now, the betrothal commonly done in the wedding.

How does the ritual? The priest blesses them and gives light of candles, while the bride and groom stand inside the church entrance. After the priest recites the prayers, the rings are placed on the couple’s right hand.

Meanwhile, what is Crowning ceremony? It is placing of crowns on the heads of the bride and groom by the priest. It means as the sign of marriage. The crowning also refers to the ceremony of the wedding.

Official registration

In Indonesia, we know the board for religion affairs. The couple, who will marriage, must register and send their file to the board. They set a date, and also obtain the marriage book.

How about is in Russia? ZAGS is the part of department of public service or registry office for marriage registration in Russia. The couple should submit the application in order to get married on a set date. Different in Indonesia, couple usually submits the application for several months, in approximately 1-6 months. Why? It allows them to think over their decision. Off course, after that, they must return to ZAGS to receive an official marriage certificate after the wedding day.

By looking in Indonesia when the parent much involved in the marriage, since the proposing, wedding ceremony, but in Russia, a bride and groom make a decision about a wedding on their own. How is about the parents? They know the marriage planning of their children after registration.

Civil Ceremony

Same as with the official registration that takes place in the ZAGS, the civil ceremony also take place at ZAGS. In there, the couple is greeted with bread and salt (read also bread and salt in wedding tradition). There is unique tradition during the civil ceremony, the couple is offered by the parents to break off the crystal glasses. As they believe at wedding, who could break off the biggest or the largest piece will become a boss in the family and by the greater of piece, also they will spend a greater of years of happiness together.

Wedding dress

Before we discuss about the dress, simply unique information about Russian wedding tradition you must know. The registration to wedding is approximately 1 – 6 months. In the six months, the bride lives in constant stress and they usually called as real madhouse. Do you know why? The bride prepare all for the wedding. How about the groom? The groom is not very much involving and keeps calm.

The Russian wedding dress for bride is traditionally white. It symbolizes of purity and chastity, in other definition of ancient Greece, the white dress means of joy and prosperity. Actually, in the old time, the Russian wedding dress was red. It changed when Queen Catherine married in a white dress. The dress for bride and suit for groom can be purchased or rent in a special bridal salon.

The Wedding Ring

There also exchange the wedding rings. The wedding rings are provided by the groom. The most popular wedding rings are made of gold. They might add the wedding ring with the precious stones or platinum and silver stripes. They wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand. This Russian wedding style of wearing wedding rings on right hand may find in countries like Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Germany, Spain, Austria, India and Greece.

The wedding rings are a Symbol of love and commitment

Paying the Ransom

Paying the ransom is a bit of comedy play-acting performed, the main purpose is to having fun. The ritual of paying ransom is played by the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids propose the groom with riddles and stupid task. And finally, the groom gives ransom – money or sweets – to bridesmaids.

In sum, the Russian wedding style is prepared much by the bride, while the groom not much involved. But, the wedding rings are provided by the groom. They submit their application of marriage to ZAGS – a public service for marriage – approximately 1 – 6 months in order they think again about their decision. Traditional wedding dress is white, means of purity and chastity, and joy and prosperity by ancient Greece definition. Read also Bread Riots in Russia.

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