What to See and Do in Russia During Autumn Season

Traveling to Russia, everytime you come there will be something to see or do. For example, we could do ice fishing on winter, going to enjoy the beach in summer or just enjoying the scenery which all of the season listed will give you the top quality scenery. Sometimes, planning to go somewhere during your travel, […]

9 Things Russian People Love To Do in Fall Season

After summer ends, there comes fall…. Like in any other seasons, Russian people have a lot of things to do in fall before facing the cold winter. With the temperature dropping from 30 degree Celsius to below 20 degree Celsius. There is nothing to worry about the weather and Russian people keep on being happy, […]

11 Most Popular Autumn Foods in Russia – Prepare to Winter

What are popular autumn foods in Russia? Food is a one of culture’s product. Nature also inspired people in making food receipt. The weather and season also affect to receipt of food. Since the old time, the food receipt is still practice and become a treasure of heritage. So what are the autumn receipts of […]