11 Beautiful and Unique Russian Wedding Traditions

Like many weddings throughout the world, Russian wedding is full of traditions. Prior to the wedding day, they should rent bridal dress and groom’s suit and buy several accessories. They also need to rent a vehicle which is usually a limo, book a restaurant where the celebration will take place and hire photographer and cameraman. […]

Wedding in Russian Style (The Symbol of Joy and Prosperity)

  There is tradition, ritual and style at wedding ceremony (read also the bread and salt in wedding tradition). Since the old time until today, the tradition at wedding has still practice, but some, there is changed in the practice due to modernization and mix and blend with other cultures. Every country has tradition in […]

Bread and Salt in Russian traditions (The Symbolism and History)

  Bread and Salt is one of the traditions in Russia. For Russian people, the existence of Bread is very important. The Bread and Salt is always related to their life and become part of life. As we know, Russian people respect to bread due to the history of it. Read about the story why […]