Pick Up All About Russian Etiquette and Customs to Make A Better Life There

Let’s get to know more about Russia!

A country certainly has etiquette and customs that are still applied from the past until now. When there are tourists who come to a country, they must respect the etiquette and customs of the country so that they do not cause problems while in the country. This etiquette and customs will usually affect the views of local residents on the politeness of their guests.

It is of course also true in Russia. So that you get to know more about Russia, pick up all about Russian etiquette and customs to make a better life there.

As a large and large country, Russia has many cities. Starting from big cities to suburban areas. Between one city and another city certainly has its own etiquette and customs. But in general, etiquette and customs are not much different from each other.

If you are planning to come to Russia either for business, settled or traveling, you must know some etiquette and customs that exist there. This etiquette and customs will help and facilitate you while you are in Russia. You will easily adapt and mingle with local residents in Russia. So, please take your time to learn and understand about etiquette and custom in Russia.

Therefore, this article will discuss the etiquette and custom in Russia. So, pick up all about Russian etiquette and customs to make a better life there.

  • Using A Head Covering for Women in Church or Place of Worship

When visiting Russia, usually tourists or local residents will visit places of worship that are characteristic there. To be able to go to places of worship that are there such as churches or other places of worship, you should be concerned about what clothes you use. There is etiquette and customs that must be respected. Both for women and for men.

The women who will enter the place of worship should use the head cover and make sure it covers the head up to their shoulders. There are many churches in Russia that forbid men and women from entering the church in shorts or maybe short skirts. The men also must remove the cap that they use before entering.

  • Bring Small Gifts and Flowers When Visiting

We recommend that you bring a small gift when you visit the homes of local residents in Russia. The small prize can be in the form of chocolate, candy or something else. You can also bring flowers. If you bring flowers, make sure the numbers are odd and not yellow.

Before getting into the house of your acquaintances or colleagues in Russia, it is very important to take off the coat that you wear and also your shoes. Usually the host will provide sandals for you to use. The point of this explanation is that when you visit or meet invitations to visit while in Russia, make sure you don’t come empty-handed.

  • People in Russia Eat Using European Style

Etiquette and customs that are applied by the Russian people is about the style they use to eat. People in Russia eat using European style. Which they put the knife on the right-hand side and the fork on the left-hand side. You also have to make sure that your hands are visible when eating.

Even though you have to show your hands while eating, you must remember not to put your elbows on the table. Such actions are considered impolite. Place your wrist on the table.

  • Arrive on Time Or At Least 15 Minutes

People in Russia are very aware of the importance of time. Including when they will meet all the guest that they invite either for lunch or dinner together. For that, you who will fulfill the invitation must really pay attention to your time so that it is not too late. Late a maximum of 15 minutes from the time your invitation tolerance limits.

Although still there are people in Russia who still make guests they invite to wait. At least position yourself as the person who arrives on time in the event where the host invites you.

  • Pay Attention to The Clothes You Use

Russia is very famous for its attractive and beautiful local fashion tastes. If you are going to meet the invitation of one of your acquaintances in Russia, it’s a good idea to really take the time to prepare the clothes you are going to wear. For women, you can use a beautiful dress. For men, they can adjust clothes that are suitable for the type of event.

By seeing you wearing your best clothes, the host will feel you appreciate their invitation. It can also be your positive point in the eyes of your acquaintances.

  • The Politeness Etiquette of Russians When Eating

There are also etiquette and customs that you have to adjust when eating with your acquaintances or colleagues in Russia. The host will serve the oldest guests or the most honored guests first. You also have to wait for the host to start eating and let you eat.

You can use bread to absorb the sauce left on your plate. Leaving a little food on the plate you are using is a must. When you do that, it will show that the host who invited you has given you a lot of hospitality. Don’t leave the table before the host invites you to leave the table.

  • The Etiquette of The Russians At the Meeting

Etiquette and customs that you have to do if you meet your acquaintances or colleagues in Russia. You must shake your opponent’s hand firmly while still maintaining direct eye contact. Reduce the tightness of your hand when shaking hands with a woman. When the women meet each other, they will kiss the cheek three times starting from the left. For men, they may pat their backs when hugging.

I hope this article can really help you to find all about Russian etiquette and custom. Pick up all about Russian etiquette and customs to make a better life there.

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