What Makes Skincare and Make Up Become Such Forbidden Gifts by Russian?

In many countries across the world, skincare and make up have become natural parts of modern gifting culture. It is considered normal to present skincare packages, make up palettes, or separate cosmetic items for birthdays, Christmas, and other festive occasions between friends, colleagues, and relatives. However, if you are trying to gift such cosmetic products […]

Perfect Gift In Russia? You May Like “Palekh”

When you are thinking about Russia, what kind of gifts come to your mind? Authentic Matryoshka dolls, of course. Gorgeous Russian shawls, another popular option. But what if someone need to present some high-end gifts with more personal touch for business partners, colleagues, and family friends? For a perfect gift in Russia, you may like […]

8 Gifts From Russia For Every Mother on Mother’s Day

Do you like gifts? Have you ever received a gift? How do you feel when you receive it? Happy isn’t it? Who is not happy when receiving a gift? Then what about giving gifts? Have you ever done it? Of course it will be a joy when you see a happy face from someone you […]

Best Gifts During International Women’s Day in Russia

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “gift”? Good items and you really want it. Everyone will definitely be happy when they receive a gift from someone they care about. When there is a big celebration and has a special meaning, it will certainly be used to give a gift to someone […]

9 Romantic Ways of Giving Gift to Your Russian Girlfriend Effectively

Giving gifts might be a difficult task. It’s fun to look for gifts to give to someone, especially someone special like girlfriend, while imagining her happy face opening that gift. But somehow, looking for it is quite troublesome. You worried that it’s just not suitable, the person who accept it will feel offended, disappointed, or […]

5 Ways of How to Make a Russian Girl Fall in Love With You in a Week

If you have a crush with a Russian girl and want to win her heart, you should go after her. Winning those girls’ heart is like winning any other girls’ hearts. You have to be nice and romantic. However, there are some slight differences in winning her heart that you need to know. Here are […]

5 Most popular gifts for woman in Russia

Every celebration definitely requires a gift for people who celebrate it. Especially if the celebrate a woman, because women are very happy creatures if anyone noticed. In Russia there is a historic day for women, that is, women’s day in russia. This woman’s day is celebrated every 8th of March. This celebration is very important for […]