Russian Etiquette Lesson: How to Be Properly Social

There are many ways we can do to get to know a country. One of them is to recognize the etiquette that applies in that country. You do it to be able to socialize well as long as you are in that country. Similarly, when you visit Russia.

When you visit Russia, of course you want to socialize with the local people well, right? To be able to make that happen, you must understand and apply the etiquette that applies there. Because the etiquette in a country is usually still applied from the past until now.

For this reason, to add information to those of you who don’t know about etiquette in Russia, let’s look at the Russian etiquette lesson: How to be properly social.

I think there are still many countries on this earth that continue to apply etiquette from the past even though they have been in the modern era like today. Etiquette is meant to make life socializing better. Following etiquette that is still valid today does not mean you are outdated or not old-fashioned.

The application of etiquette also applies when you decide to visit or settle in Russia. The etiquette that you do can make you easily get along and socialize with local Russians. It will ease your life while there.

There is a lot of etiquette that applies in Russia, whether you are socializing with your family and surrounding communities until you do business. Perhaps there are some among you who do not know about this Russian etiquette. For this reason, this article will discuss the Russian etiquette lesson: How to be properly social.

  • Our Greetings During Interaction in Russia

When you visit or settle in Russia and want to greet someone, shake the hand of the person you meet strongly. You also have to maintain your eye contact with the person you are talking to while giving greetings that adjust to the time you meet the person. The women usually kiss each other’s cheeks three times. While the men who are close to each other will hug each other and pat him on the back.

When you want to greet someone, you will be considered rude and rude if you turn your face away. If you as a man want to shake a woman’s hand, wait for the woman to offer her hand first. It is a typical greeting there.

  • Our Body Language During Interaction in Russia

You as a person who visits Russia, will certainly interact with local residents there. Russian locals are very vigilant and pay attention to anyone’s body language who looks insincere. If you meet someone who is smiling at you, smile seriously too. That will show that you are happy to meet that person.

And when you want to point to something, don’t use one finger. But use the whole palm of your hand. Pay attention to how you stand, hands that are placed in your pocket can make you look lazy. People in Russia are also rarely show affection in public.

  • The Language We Use When Interacting in Russia

To be able to communicate and socialize well while in Russia, it’s a good idea to start learning Russian even if it’s just basic. Russian local residents will appreciate your efforts to speak with them using the Russian language. Even though there are now many Russians who also speak fluent English.

By knowing a little basic Russian language and how to read the Cyrillic alphabet, you will easily socialize. You will also easily read directions so it’s easier to ask local people. Russian language will also make it easier for those who want to work or do the work in Russia.

  • Do Not Use Gloves When Shaking Hands in Russia

When you meet someone, you will surely shake the person’s hand before greeting the person, right? Before you shake the person’s hand, you must remove the gloves you are wearing. Shaking hands wearing gloves is considered very disrespectful by locals Russian. And do not shake the person’s hand in the doorway either, because it is believed to be brought the bad luck. You must remember it well to avoid immodesty.

  • Courtesy Etiquette When Interacting as A Guest in Russia

There will be times when you will be invited to visit the home of your Russian colleague. When you want to visit the house, always bring a small gift to the host who invites you. You can give them flowers, chocolate, candy, a bottle of wine or something else. If you want to bring flowers, you must make sure that the flowers you carry are odd and not yellow. Before entering the house, make sure to take off the coat and shoes you wear.

  • Keep in Mind the Russian Culture About Things to Do and Don’t Do While in Russia

If you visit Russia, whether as a tourist or someone who lives there to move or work, it’s a good idea to find out as much info as possible about etiquette in Russia. Especially in a place that will be your destination while in Russia. By knowing and applying what you can do and what not to do, it will really help you to socialize with local Russians.

You also have to be able to adjust what you can do and things you cannot do with the situation you are living in. By applying these things and also the etiquette of politeness, you will be able to feel the hospitality of local residents of Russia.

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about Russian etiquette lesson that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about Russian etiquette lesson. So, let’s get to know about Russian etiquette lesson: How to be properly social.

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