4 Juicy Russian Soup Only In Russia

Food is a topic that is always interesting to discuss. Delicious food will certainly make your heart happy.  Delicious food is the most sought after when you visit a country. Food is not just about taste. Every food also has a philosophy and history. Typical food in a country is different from other countries. This […]

Throw Up Your Popcorn, These Russian Snacks Perfect for Movie Time

Film is one of the entertainment that is very popular with many people. Films always succeed in making the audience feel something different. Very great! Movies can change the feelings of the audience. Watching movies can also be done anywhere, not just in theaters. Technology really helps film lovers to get the latest movie they […]

How Russians Maintain Food? Something They Call “Russian Canning”

There are many food options we can find in the market. If you like to cook, you can buy all the ingredients needed to make your meal from scratch. If you like to eat instant food, you can buy pre-cooked food that only needed to be preheated or cooked in a couple of minutes. There […]

10 Space Food You Can Eat on Russian Part of the Earth

Yuri Gagarin, the first human who went to outer space, is said to have one important task in his trip. That task is: eating. Eating in space is no small matter, because cosmonauts have to eat even though they live “out of this world”, but they cannot eat just any dishes from earth. Space food […]

Break Up Your Mood Swing With These 4 Russian Cookies

A bad mood can certainly ruin your beautiful days. If you go on vacation out of town or abroad suddenly feel unhappy, your vacation will definitely not be fun. A bad mood is indeed a complaint of many people. Some people claim to often experience “mood swing”, which is a rapid change in feeling. Even […]

Russian Whole Fruit Jam, Yummy Varenye

Why do people like fruit jam so much? Does it taste good? Does it make their body healthier? Fruit jam is loaded with sugar, corn syrup, and HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup), and other stuff we cannot even pronounce right. All fruit jams are not made the same. Not all fruit jams have the same exact amount of sugar, […]

How to Eat Healthy in Russia, What Foods and Why

Every country’s diet consists of healthy and tasty-but-unhealthy options. So do Russian cuisines. As a rule of thumb, “your health is in your hands”, so you are the one who should choose the right foods for yourself. Eating healthy could be as simple as tweaking your daily menu and lifestyle to reflect better alternatives. And […]

7 Famous Soups In Russia And How To Make Them

Russia is one of the coldest inhabited place on earth. Understandably, soup as the world’s ultimate comfort food is a staple in every Russian household. There are various kinds of soups ready to be served in any seasons, usually for lunch. Here is seven of the most famous soups in Russia that you might want […]

15 Things You Need To Taste In Russia

Where could you find the most basic ingredients into hearty dishes that enrich taste in Russia? There are many well-known foods that were produced in Russia that can bring the best of all the ingredient available in the vast area of Russia. These Russian cuisines you have to try and will possibly surprised that there is […]

8 Russian cuisine that you probably won’t try

Before deciding to go on vacation overseas, you should already gather all the important information especially about the cuisine. It is important to always feed your hunger,   but don’t forget the essential taste that you will experience. You must be careful not to try something weird, as the look might not always represent the taste. […]