Shkhomchkhantkhups; a Hard-to-spell Russian Soup from Adygea

You have just read the title and probably wondering, “How do people order this soup in restaurants? It must take quite some time learning to pronounce it.” In contrary with the name, this soup is easy to make and the ingredients are quite simple. We will get to this later. As you have probably known […]

Creamy Karelian Salmon Soup; a Kind of Magical Russian Soup

Russia is rich with traditional cuisine. Its very vast territory gathers the abundance by nature that makes the national food could be so various with ingredients starting from fruits, fish, all kinds of meat, dairy products, and many more. One of the most common traditional foods from Russia is soup – many kinds of it. […]

4 Juicy Russian Soup Only In Russia

Food is a topic that is always interesting to discuss. Delicious food will certainly make your heart happy.  Delicious food is the most sought after when you visit a country. Food is not just about taste. Every food also has a philosophy and history. Typical food in a country is different from other countries. This […]