How Can Beet Kvass Work as Medical Use? 

Beet Kvass is an exceptionally nutritive, fermented beverage from Russia that is made from refined beets in saline solution. Its natural, somewhat salty, and inconspicuously harsh flavour can take some time to get accustomed to. Furthermore, it merits your opportunity to try it out on the grounds that Beet Kvass benefits cardiovascular, intellectual, and cell […]

Which One Gives More Benefits, Kefir or Ryazhenka? 

Russia has a wide scope of assorted customary beverages to offer that fill various needs. Some of them are utilized to chill during Russia’s sweltering summers. Meanwhile, others permit some solace and warmth during its cold winters. Since the most Russian populace comprised of workers, a few beverages are still utilized as cures.  Regardless of […]

The Healthiest Russian Drinks to Recover Your Health 

There are just so often you can say, “Just water for me, please,” when the server takes your drink request before you begin to get exhausted. Water is a solid and sure thing. Truth be told, it cannot be beat. So, what do you do when you need more alternatives but would still prefer not […]

Why Is Vodka Being The Best Russian Drink

Everybody has their favorite drinks. Some people claim themselves as coffee-lover. They would start their day every day by having a cup of coffee and have another one later in the afternoon with some snacks. Some people put the smoothie in the top list of their favorite drink. Since it is made from various kinds […]

5 Simple Recipes of Non-Alcoholic Russian Beverages

Are you trying to pass on the booze and currently look for non-alcoholic beverages that will more than make up for it? While some people decide to decline alcoholic beverages all year round, the practice of giving up the sauce for a stint is very popular. It seems the lure of saving their wallet, trimming their […]

How to Eat Healthy in Russia, What Foods and Why

Every country’s diet consists of healthy and tasty-but-unhealthy options. So do Russian cuisines. As a rule of thumb, “your health is in your hands”, so you are the one who should choose the right foods for yourself. Eating healthy could be as simple as tweaking your daily menu and lifestyle to reflect better alternatives. And […]

Have You Ever Tried Moscow Mule? Let’s Find 7 Facts Here

Let us be honest; we might not drink cocktails for our health and would rather go for drink concoctions that are mixed with fruit and vegetable. However, have you ever tried Moscow Mule? Moscow Mule is better choice for those who put health before anything else; since the recipe will help you avoid some kind […]

5 Fascinating Things You Probably Do Not Know about Moscow Mule

Summer heat may be winding you down. It is honestly a cue for us to think of any excuse to enjoy a warm night with a tasty cocktail. Choosing a cocktail of choice may be tricky, especially for those who put a lot of concern to their health. It is not just calculating calories that […]

6 Secret Benefits of Russian Vodka for Hair Care

One of the most popular alcohol beverages that’s originated from Russia is vodka. This beverage has been part of social life especially in Europe, Russia, and U.S. Vodka is favored because of its neutral taste and can be mixed with fruit juices like orange and tomato. Traditionally, it’s fermented from potatoes, but currently, it can […]

Why Russian Really Loves to Drink Tea? Here’s the Answer

When it comes to Russian drinks, people tend to think of Vodka, as what was widely known from the usual stereotype. Not so many people know that Russia actually is a tea-loving country. Tea is not only considered as a regular beverage for Russians. Drinking tea has become a culture that every Russian lives up […]