Break Up Your Mood Swing With These 4 Russian Cookies

4 russian cookies A bad mood can certainly ruin your beautiful days. If you go on vacation out of town or abroad suddenly feel unhappy, your vacation will definitely not be fun. A bad mood is indeed a complaint of many people. Some people claim to often experience “mood swing”, which is a rapid change in feeling. Even they say mood swing has no reason. But, you dont have to worry. There are so many ways you can do to solve this mood swing.

Some experts say, mood swing can be overcome by doing things that are desired. Maybe you can swim, shop, walk or hunt for food. Do what you like to divert even eliminate your chaotic mood. And for those of you who are on vacation or going on vacation to Russia, you do not need to worry about how to overcome the mood that might occur with you. Vacationing in Russia will make your mood better. Because there are so many fun things you can do there. Those of you who like to travel can get around the city or go to the Kremlin to see everything about Russia in the past. And for those of you who like to hunt for food, Russia also provides a variety of very tasty food. Of course it will make your heart improve. Then, what food do you deserve to try?

Sweet foods are foods that can make your mood better. Cookies are one type of sweet food that is very delicious and is in demand by many people. And do you know, Russia is a country that is very famous for its cookies? Lots of restaurants in Russia that provide delicious cakes and coffee or tea for breakfast. You should try Russian cookies. Guaranteed, improvement of your heart will increase. In this article, we will help you find cookies that really help you deal with mood swings. Break your mood with these 4 Russian cookies.

  1. Russian Gingerbread Cookie (Pryaniki)

The first cookie you have to eat when mood swing comes is pryaniki. That is a cake made from wheat, honey, ginger, milk, and some other special spices. Gingerbread is indeed not from Russia. Ginger cake was first made in Egypt and developed into Russia. However, until now gingerbread is still well-known and is very popular with Russian people. Because this cake is very suitable to be eaten during the winter. The spicy and sweet taste of ginger and honey will warm your body. Usually, pryaniki is eaten with lemon tea or coffee.

Pryaniki has a very unique taste. Your tongue not only contains sweetness from honey and milk, but also spices from ginger and spices. The aroma of this cake is also very distinctive and fragrant. Not only the unique taste, Russian gingerbread also has various forms. Starting from square, oval, or formed to various characters, like a female doll.

If you want to try the taste of Russian gingerbread, you can order at various restaurants that sell menus for breakfast. Or you can try using it by asking for a recipe from your friend. Your mood will be better just by looking and smelling the aroma of this cookie.

  1. Napoleon

When you hear the name, what comes to your mind? Yes, right! Napoleon cookies are cakes made to celebrate the centenary of Russia’s victory over the French army in 1812, and at that time the French leader was Napoleon Bonaparte. And this cake is the main choice for celebrating holidays in Russia. Not only extraordinary history, this cookie also has a good taste.

Napoleon is a layered cake with cream pastry. This cookie has a texture that is soft and melts in the mouth. Napoleon usually has mashed bean toppings. The taste of this cookie is sweet and savory. You will be addicted to eating it. Napoleon cookies also have the same form as some typical cakes from other countries. Like in France, cakes like napoleon are known as millefuille (one thousand layers), and in England known as vanilla slice, and Belgium calls it tompouce. Even though it has a similar shape, the cakes must have a different and distinctive taste.

  1. Medovik (Honey Cake)

The next cookie that you can try is Medovik. Medovik is a typical Russian honey cake. As the name implies, Medovik comes from the Russian language, med, which means honey. This cake has various variations. As combined with milk, butter, or beans. This cookie has a very delicious taste. Besides its delicious taste, this cookie also has a unique history.

Apparently, Medovik has been around since the Russian Empire. In the early 19th century, the wife of emperor Alexander I, Empress Elizaveta was very dislike of honey. He really hated all foods made from honey. Until one day, a young new chef made a cookie with a mixture of honey and thick sour cream. Unexpectedly, Empress Elizaveta was very fond of the honey cookie, even though she did not know there was honey inside. If Elizaveta’s Empress who doesn’t like honey likes medovik, what about you honey lovers? This cookie will be your favorite. Because of this, cookies have become very popular today. The sweet taste of honey will make your mind calm.

  1. Muraveynik (Anthill Cookie)

This Russian cookie is truly unique! The form of muraveynik resembles an anthill. This cake is usually shaped like an anthill pyramid. Muraveynik has been famous since the Soviet era. And the material needed is also very easy to find. And usually, every mother in Russia has an innovation for this cake.

The ingredients of muraveynik are ingredients for making cakes as usual. Butter, milk, baking powder, sugar, and salt. The ingredients that characterize this cake are walnut and poppy seeds. Walnuts provide a very interesting aroma and crunchy taste. This cookie is a combination of ingredients that are simple but have a very delicious taste. If you want to add the sweetness, you can add the berry powder or berry on top.

Food is the right choice when your mood changes. One type of food that can make your heart better is a cookie. And Russia has various types of cookies as we wrote above. You can get various restaurants easily or you can try making it at home. It’s time to break your mood swings with these 4 russian cookies.

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